UFC 4 Creative Director on possible Fight Night return

UFC 4 Creative Director responds to calls for Fight Night return

Published: 4/Aug/2020 16:01 Updated: 4/Aug/2020 17:32

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have a long history in combat sport games and the release of UFC 4 is just the latest. In an interview with Dexerto, Creative Director Brian Hayes revealed – internally – he and others are pushing for a Fight Night return. 

Fight Night was the biggest boxing game around back in the day. It was a place where the heavyweights collided, new careers were formed, and a journey to the big time could be forged for your created character. However, their 2011 title Fight Night Champion was the developer’s last foray into the boxing scene.


In 2020, nine years on, certainly heavyweight boxing has been put back on the map. The division has some of the best boxers in a generation, like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, who will both be available to play with in the next UFC game.

Joshua is the poster boy of the UK scene and a battering ram, while Fury has managed to attain mainstream appeal even across the pond, landing multi-appearance deals with the WWE.

Tyson Fury in UFC 4
Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua feature in UFC 4.

Could a Fight Night return be on the cards?

It makes sense in terms of appealing to a casual audience, to have these boxers included. However, many have been wondering why were they picked and what it means for the future of Fight Night.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Hayes told us: “At the end of the day, we want to put fighters in the game that more people want to play with as much as possible.

“There’s no guarantee that Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are going to be them. But they’re pretty popular heavyweight boxers and heavyweight boxing is certainly making a resurgence these days so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re used quite often as well.”

Fight Night Champion
A return of the Fight Night video game series appears to be in high demand.

He added: “I get Twitter DMs fairly consistently asking me if there’s a Fight Night, when is Fight Night. Obviously, I have fond memories and a long history with the Fight Night franchise. Internally I have banged the drum as much as I can. But I’m just one man – not that I’m the only one, there’s other people besides me that are banging the drum also.

“There’s a lot of things that go into kicking off another iteration of Fight Night but I will keep banging the drum as long as I have arms to bang, and drums to bang them with.”

He made clear that he’s virtually powerless in terms of making a decision on that front, but would definitely support a revival of the game. Whether or not that will come to fruition is unknown, but in the meantime we’re getting a few of the biggest boxing stars in UFC 4. That will have to do for now.


UFC 4 releases on August 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms.


Overwatch October 1 update massively buffs Soldier 76: patch notes

Published: 1/Oct/2020 18:41 Updated: 1/Oct/2020 18:51

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Experimental Overwatch patch has just gone live on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with changes to only one hero, but they’re absolutely massive. Soldier 76 is being buffed significantly.

Soldier 76 has been in a bit of a poor spot lately, with the traditional FPS hero being outmatched by the likes of McCree and Ashe at medium range and Widowmaker at long range. Now, the devs are upping his lethality.


The Experimental Mode changes make his Heavy Pulse Rifle far more threatening with its bullet spread remove and ammo capacity increased from 25 to 30.

In order to compensate for these buffs, constant recoil has been added, so players will need to adjust to that when playing as him.

Soldier 76 attacks HanamuraSoldier 76 can now fire full auto without a massive spread.

Community Manager Molly Fender elaborated on the chances in a forum post saying: “Compared to other hitscan Damage heroes, Soldier: 76 has been perceived as one of the weaker choices in heroes, so we want to test some adjustments to change this. Rather than making some numbers adjustments, we’d like to test out an overhaul to his shooting mechanics.”

Improving the shooting mechanics of 76 may prove to be a more balanced way to make the character better as opposed to simply increasing his damage. Though, the ammo increase may already prove to have an effect.

“In this Experimental mode, we’re shifting the weapon to instead be centered around recoil and weapon control,” she added. “While the change list may be short, we’re hoping that this will breathe new life into Soldier: 76’s playstyle.”

Soldier 76 toasting to ChristmasCheers, Soldier mains. You finally get a buff.

Previously, 76 players have had to fire in short bursts to avoid the insane spread that comes with holding down the trigger and going full auto. Now, the ever-popular character may be able to output significant damage at a far faster rate – something that should really worry opponents.

It will be interesting to see how much of an effect these changes have on the hero and if his pick rate sees an increase.

Full patch notes:



The next experiment begins! This time we’re hoping to get your feedback on some changes to Solider: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle. We’re using the 2-2-2 Role Queue ruleset so that you can get a feel for how these balance changes might affect the live game.



Soldier: 76

Heavy Pulse Rifle

  • Bullet spread removed
  • Constant recoil added
  • Ammo increased from 25 to 30

Developer Comments: We’re testing some changes with Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle that make the weapon more controlled by recoil, rather than bullet spread. Overall, this will make him better when firing in full auto, rather than controlled bursts. While recoil exists with other heroes’ weapons, these changes are intended to be impactful to gameplay, rather than establishing the “feel” of the weapon.