Ubisoft confirms Project Q won’t use Quartz or NFTs

project q nfts ubisoft gameUbisoft

Ubisoft is reassuring players that its new game, Project Q, won’t use NFTs despite stating players can “truly own the experience.”

The gaming community has not been the most receptive to the idea of NFTs in video games. Thanks to social media influencers, numerous rug pulls and scandals surrounding NFTs and Crypto have caused a general distrust.

Despite the community’s feelings, some larger corporations have tried to implement NFTs into their games. Most notably, Ubisoft announced its own NFT project called Ubisoft Quartz which was met with immediate backlash.

Everything Ubisoft has done since this announcement has been met with skepticism as players assume NFTs will be involved in some capacity. But when they announced Project Q, they explicitly stated that there are no plans to incorporate the web3 products.

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ubisoft quartzUbisoft
Ubisoft Quartz is Ubisoft’s own NFT platform.

Project Q won’t utilize NFTs

On April 23, Ubisoft officially announced Project Q. They revealed very little about the title, but did state it would be a “team battle arena letting players truly own the experience!”

The line “truly own the experience” didn’t sit well with some users. They replied to Ubisoft’s tweet stating that this line screamed NFTs and claimed the “Q” in Project Q could stand for Quartz.

However, Ubisoft quickly responded to each comment shutting down any claims that NFTs would be involved. “There are currently no plans to incorporate Ubisoft Quartz,” they said. “No NFT features are planned for this title.”

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Despite their efforts, players still aren’t convinced. Several comments pointed out Ubisoft’s usage of words like “currently” which lead to believe different plans could be made in the future.

For now, players can register for upcoming beta tests and trust that Ubisoft stands by its word.