Twitch streamers are already breaking their monitors playing Nintendo Switch Sports


Nintendo Switch Sports is finally here, and in no time at all, a Twitch streamer broke his TV during a broadcast while playing a game of tennis.

The original Wii Sports became incredibly popular for bringing friends and families together to play sports like bowling and tennis against one another.

The game also become popular for the absurd amount of players who accidentally launched their Wii remote directly into their TV.

Now, Nintendo has brought back the beloved game series with Nintendo Switch Sports, which continues to have the same problem as the original. One streamer has gone viral for their slip-up which cost them their entire gaming monitor.

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Tennis in Nintendo Switch SportsNintendo
Tennis is just as you remember it from the Wii, only better and much more visually impressive.

Streamer breaks monitor playing Nintendo Switch Sports

Twitch streamer 63man was live on April 29 when he was playing a match of Tennis on Switch.

63man wasn’t wearing the Switch wrist strap, and when he went to return the ball, flung his controller across his room directly into his TV.

Completely shocked, he flipped the camera around to reveal he had shattered the bottom left corner of his screen beyond repair. The streamer was so completely stunned that he was left speechless.

Nintendo offers countless warnings that without the proper wrist attachment, there could be accidents, like this one, that leave you with a broken screen. Although 63man is down a monitor, the clip of his accident got his channel some attention and racked up over 24k views in just one day.

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When Wii Sports first launched back in 2006, there were countless players who broke their TV by not using the wrist strap.

16 years later and gamers still have not learned this very valuable lesson.