Twitch streamer takes cooking streams to next level with viral Mordhau play

David Purcell

Mordhau might well have paved the way for another step in the evolution of Twitch cooking streams, after a clip of some unbelievable gameplay went viral on the platform.

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The multiplayer medieval slasher burst onto the scene in April of 2019 and has since been played by the likes of Jaryd ‘summit1g‘ Lazar, Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek, and a whole host of other popular streamers. 

Now, though, a clip has emerged that might be funnier than the time the sword-wielding summit was once outplayed with a guitar, and it’s another weapon that would never really be associated with combat. 

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This streamer’s frying pan has proved to be a deadly weapon in Mordhau.

The clip shows that streamer ‘Rudeism’ has hooked up an actual frying pan to his PC as a controller, which allows him to control the kitchen utensil in-game. In a post to Reddit he admits the controller was first made for Dark Souls, but also works in Mordhau. 

Using the foreign object (and that’s putting it kindly), the gamer managed to fend off a few strong shots from an enemy, before clubbing back and landing some heavy shots to their head. 

The other player realizes that they’re not going to have much luck in the bout, scarpering across a bridge in an attempt to escape. However, Rudeism wasn’t going to allow them to get away so easily, tossing the pan in their direction and hitting a clean headshot, which sent him into raptures.

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The bizarreness of the highlight has led to viral success for the streamer, racking up over 150,000 at the time of writing, after being first clipped on June 5. 

There’s no real way of seeing whether or not the deadly pan toss was just clean enough to have been a fatal blow at any stage of the game, or whether he had worn him down enough beforehand to make it a final blow, but the style of the elimination is what has attracted attention here for sure. 

Mordhau has a number of different weapons available for players to use and throw, including a heavy branch, pitchfork, wooden shovel, sledgehammer, and more. 

Yet, the frying pan might well be the best of them all.