Twitch streamer loses it after regaining Super Mario 64 world record

Super Mario 64 recordNintendo

Twitch streamer and speedrunner Allan ‘Cheese’ Alvarez has broken the 120-star world record in Super Mario 64 and it’s fair to say he was over the moon that he finally reclaimed the top spot.

As seen in the majority of classic video game titles, speedrunning in Super Mario 64 is immensely popular. The game has developed a dedicated fanbase of players who sink countless hours into the title attempting to finish the game as quickly as possible.

Of course, to be able to that, these players need to know the game inside out. Every shortcut, method, and specific pathway needs to be memorized for each run to ensure they achieve the best time possible. When all this hard work eventually pays off, it can be an overwhelming experience for speedrunners who have spent so much time working towards a goal.

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Super Mario 64 star SpeedrunNintendo
Super Mario 64 was originally released on the N64 back in 1996.

Twitch streamer sets new Super Mario 64 speedrun record

On his January 28 stream, Counter-Logic Gaming speedrunner Cheese set a new 120-star world record speedrun on Super Mario 64, and his reaction showed just how much this meant to him.

Although he was aware his record run was going well whilst doing it, he wasn’t sure whether it was enough to secure the top spot. It was only when he defeated Bowser, the final boss, that he realized he’d reclaimed the top spot.

The second he realized he may have beaten the record, Cheese began to scream uncontrollably, clearly overwhelmed by what he had just achieved. Of course, his Twitch chat erupted with congratulations as he set the new record at a time of 1:38:25. Cheese’s run beat the previous record by just three seconds, showing just how thin the margins for error are at the top level of speedrunning.

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While this isn’t the first time Cheese has held the Super Mario 64 world record, his previous runs were outdone by two other speedrunners, and he finally decided to reclaim his place on top.

Although some might describe his reaction as over the top, it’s obvious how much this record means to him. After the countless amount of hours he’s sunk into the game, it’s no surprise he was completely overwhelmed when he realized what he’d done.

We’ll have to keep our eye on the leader boards to see how long Cheese can hold the top spot as Super Mario 64 speedrunning is extremely competitive.

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