Twitch streamer mocks DMCA rules by recreating all Skyrim sounds herself

Jambo DMCATwitch: Jambo

A Twitch streamer mocked the current wave of DMCA claims against broadcasters by personally imitating Skyrim’s various sound bites to avoid any potential legal hurdles.

Jambo, a popular streamer on the Amazon-owned platform, has recently gone viral on social media after being muting the in-game audio during a Skyrim stream. 

“This is a DMCA friendly stream,” she joked during the opening scene of the game. This was sparked by an announcement by Twitch earlier in the week which told streamers to “simply” mute games to avoid receiving copyright strikes.

In response to the new set of circumstances to stream without consequence, Jambo took the matter into her own hands by jokingly side-stepping any possible ramifications of playing Bethesda’s RPG.

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The hilarious sequence that followed saw Jambo emulating the sounds of swords clashing, water splashes, and even dragons!

Though there were several hilarious moments, a highlight of the stream has to be the series of events that swallowed the failed execution at the start of the game.

The chaotic sequence saw Jambo trying to improvise as a voice actor and imitating the noise of falling debris all the while trying to run away from an enraged Dragon. 

This stream, while incredibly funny, highlighted the issues that have plagued Twitch in 2020. Multiple streamers, including community figures and established names, have faced temporary bans after a controversial wave of DMCA claims cropped up across the platform.

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Twitch logo written out on purple backgroundTwitch
Twitch has been criticized for not doing enough to protect its creators from DMCA strikes.

The source of the bans comes from the use of music by streamers from previous broadcasts. Audio from VODs, even ones from four years ago, are being detected and causing content creators to be banned.

This has forced streamers to decide between deleting hundreds of hours of content or running the risk of being banned from Twitch. 

In certain situations, users are being banned due to music detected on VODs that have already been deleted but have somehow remained present on Twitch servers.

Twitch streamers have been vehemently protesting the platform’s management of the DMCA debacle on the site. This has caused content creators like Jambo to speak out or mock Twitch’s handling of the situation as it transpires.

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