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Twitch streamer gets luckiest Genshin Impact character pull ever

Published: 12/Oct/2020 15:58 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 13:36

by Georgina Smith


One lucky Twitch streamer was literally thanking his lucky stars when he managed to pull two very rare Genshin Impact characters in only 15 attempts, a notoriously difficult feat for the free-to-play gacha game.

Genshin Impact has become the latest game to consume everyone’s free time in 2020. Players were sucked in by its beautiful Breath of the Wild inspired open-world, but the game has established itself as an independent phenomenon in many ways – its stunning cast of unique characters to name but one.

The character acquisition system in the game centers around the gacha format, where characters and special weapons are obtained through pulls or ‘Wishes’ that can be purchased with Acquainted or Intertwined fates, which themselves can be bought with Primogems.

Genshin Impact has accumulated over 17 million downloads since its recent release.

Every item has a star rating, the highest being five, which indicates the rarity of the character. For every wish you make, you could end up with a weapon like a sword, bow, catalyst, or you could be lucky enough to get a character.

While it’s particularly rare to get, streamer Transcendence certainly defied the odds, when he pulled out an unexpected result from just 15 wishes.

Almost right off the bat, he ended up pulling Venti, the mischievous bard, the first of the five-star characters he pulled. The streamer played it cool after throwing his arms in the air though, saying “it’s that easy, it’s that easy!”

Spurred on by his lucky Venti pull, Transcendence went all out with ten wishes in one go and watched as the results began to pop up on screen one by one.

And in an unexpected turn of events, QiQi also popped up, an adorable apprentice and herb gatherer, and incidentally another five-star pull.

Miraculously Transcendence played it off yet again with “it’s just that easy, what are you guys talking about?” but clearly looking delighted at the brilliantly lucky character pulls, within only 15 wishes.

Fans of the game will be praying that they end up with similar luck to this streamer next time they use up those all-important Wishes.


Annoying Overwatch bug makes elevators worse than they were before

Published: 21/Oct/2020 0:09

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch fans pleased with the new elevator mechanics that remove RNG shouldn’t get too excited, as a new bug is making them even worse than ever.

The elevators on Hollywood and Volskaya Industries received a major update in the Halloween patch that changed how they function.

Previously, they would go up and down on a set timer, meaning that you could be waiting a few seconds to go up if you weren’t there fast enough. Plus, as no two Overwatch matches are the same, this created an element of luck.

After four years of these shenanigans, Blizzard finally decided to update how the elevators function, with the lifts always being on the bottom and only going up if a player stepped on it – a change that was highly-requested.

Overwatch Hollywood gameplay
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch’s elevators are supposed to be better now.

With luck out of the equation, it would seem like all is right with those maps, right? Wrong. As streamer ‘Bishop352’ found out, the elevators are about as reliable as a McDonald’s ice cream machine.

During an October 19 broadcast, the Diamond-ranked support was defending Volskaya Point B and wanted to take the elevator.

However, for whatever reason, it would never rise, preventing the Ana player from accessing the high ground and leaving him vulnerable.

As you can see in the clip, the player ended up narrowly surviving with under half health before the elevator finally activated.

Unlike wall-running heroes such as Genji and Hanzo (the latter of which decided to not wait for the lift to start working) Ana, like much of the cast, has no such vertical mobility.

Overwatch Volskaya Industries
Blizzard Entertainment
What good is a broken elevator?

Worst of all, this bug can make the new elevators even worse than they were previously; under the previous ones, Bishop352 would have been able to reach the high ground after a few moments of waiting.

Hopefully, this bug ends up being removed in a future update to ensure that all heroes can reach the high ground with ease and the elevators work as intended.