Twitch Rivals Resident Evil 2 tournament ends in controversy after rule change

A Twitch Rivals Resident Evil 2 tournament was marred by controversy after the rules for the competition were changed just minutes after it started.

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The tournament featured some of the best Resident Evil players in the world earning points for speed and unlocking achievements on Resident Evil 2.

However, a decision that saw Twitch representatives post a brand new ruleset two minutes after the competition had already kicked off, leaving plenty of fans and competitors frustrated – none more so that xer1an, who missed out $750 due to the decision.

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The decision to upload a new ruleset after the competition had already started infuriated many, as it was unlikely that players who were already in the competition were going to stop to read the document, which was 18 pages long.

The tournament started at 5:15 PT, with the new ruleset uploaded at 5:17PT, as seen in the screenshot below.

The rules were posted two minutes after the tournament started.
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During the run, xer1an managed to unlock two achievements that were worth a large number of points, but ran into an issue when Twitch Rivals representatives decided these were invalid, as he had died and was forced to reload during the run in which he unlocked them.

This ruling incensed xer1an as it cost him valuable points, despite no mention of the invalidation of achievements following an in-game death in the Twitch Rivals ruleset.

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“Maybe Twitch should make the rules as clear as possible before the tournament starts,” vented xer1an. “Write it in big, bold fucking letters and tell us, because as a competitor I’m not going to sit and read a big fucking paragraph when the tournament has started.”

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Xer1an then posted on Twitter to say that he felt “completely robbed,” and confirmed that he is unlikely to compete in future Twitch Rivals tournaments.

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If both of xer1an’s achievements had been counted, he would have finished in third place, securing $1300.

Instead, he finished in tenth, earning $550.

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