Twitch chat actually manages to beat Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo / Twitch

Twitch chat has done the seemingly impossible and beaten The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Hundreds of viewers controlled the game and restored Hyrule back to order.

The concept of viewers controlling the game being played on stream is not new. In fact, it was popularized in 2014 with “Twitch Plays Pokemon” which saw the 1996 RPG being beaten in 16 days.

A streaming personality’s audience overcame the same feat, except this time they took on the 2017 Nintendo title Breath of the Wild. The wildly successful Zelda game was beaten in 25 hours.

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Twitch chat completes Breath of the Wild

The latest title in the long-running Zelda franchise introduced fans to a massively open-world map. A new physics engine allowed players to interact with the environment like never before.

However Twitch streamer ‘PointCrow’ wanted to see if it was possible for his viewers to defeat the game by inputting controls into the chat. And after multiple streams, they finally slayed villain Calamity Ganon and reached the credits.

The personality posted the accomplishment on his YouTube channel on March 10. The video showed a compilation of clips from the many stream sessions that it took reach the end of the RPG.

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(Timestamp 50:47 for mobile users.)

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The streamer set the rule that every five minutes his chat would control the game, as he needed to take over in certain points. Hilariously, in the beginning the predictable happened and his viewers kept throwing Link off a cliff and killing him.

This isn’t the first time that PointCrow has tackled crazy experiments with the Switch title. In fact, in late February he managed to beat the whole game without walking.

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“We have beaten Breath of the Wild without walking. Ever! If not turning left was enough, we have now beaten Breath of the Wild without walking!” he exclaimed.

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Despite releasing close to three years ago, Breath of the Wild continues to be popular for streamers on Twitch and social media. The release is already considered a classic by critics and players.

Luckily for fans, a sequel for the AAA title is being worked on. At E3 2019, Nintendo shocked everyone with a trailer teasing the continuation of the popular game – although the release date has not yet been revealed.

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