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Tryhard ‘hater’ responds to backlash from influencers over viral TikTok

Published: 18/Aug/2020 11:55

by Calum Patterson


The TikTok creator behind a viral video about how ‘tryhards’ have ruined gaming, which sparked a major debate across social media, has spoken to Dexerto to clarify what he really meant.

In his short video, Mubeen Momodu watches the gameplay of streamer Bobby Wasabi playing Fall Guys, and appears to criticize him for trying too hard and playing competitively.

First, it went viral on TikTok, and later on Twitter when Dexerto shared the video. Hitting over 4 million views on Twitter, and garnering over 15,000 comments, it immediately sparked controversy.

It went so viral that some of the biggest names in gaming were weighing in on the matter, from pro players, to YouTubers, to top streamers like Ninja.


Ninja himself used an old quote from himself about taking gaming seriously, which at the time, he too was mocked for.

Others, like FaZe Clan’s Cizzors, joked that instead players should just purposely lose – because trying to win was apparently trying ‘too hard.’

Tryhard ‘hater’ responds to criticism

In a statement to Dexerto, the original TikTok creator, Mubeen Momodu, explained that he doesn’t think his point was presented properly.

“To everyone that watched my video where I ranted about “tryhard” gamers ruining games, I just want to clear up what I meant because I feel like my point wasn’t presented properly. So, I do not think there is anything wrong with competition. I’ve grown up my whole life as a competitive athlete, winning state awards in my event. I also don’t think that if you try to win a game, then you ruin the game for everyone else.”


But, Mubeen did understand the frustrations towards the video. “However, I understand that in the video this is what it might appear as, so I do not blame anyone for thinking those were my beliefs. I just believe that for certain games, like Fall Guys, having a comp and non-comp game mode helps to allow casual and competitive gamers to play the game the way they want it to be played. Because after a while casual players tend to stop playing certain games after they lose fun in it and I don’t want that to happen to games in general anymore.”

He also wanted to clarify that his video wasn’t intended as a direct criticism of BobbyWasabi himself, whose gameplay was used to illustrate his point:


“That video was not specifically about Fall Guys, the specific level he was playing, or the streamer himself. I understand that is the only way to play that level and since the video has been posted, BobbyWasabi (the streamer in the video) and I have been communicating with each other. There is no hate from either side and we both understand each other’s positions. It has truly been a wild couple of days and it has been a shock to see some of my favorite streamers and entertainers respond to my video. However, if you want to continue to hate me, at least check out BobbyWasabi on Twitch because he doesn’t deserve any hate. All love from my side, so thank you all.”

Wasabi himself has embraced the meme, changing his Twitter name to ‘Bobby “Tryhard” Wasabi’.


Mubeen has now made a follow-up TikTok as well, further explaining his original post.

@mubeen.momoduReply to @animemes43 This is a response to the Fall Guys video… watch the whole thing ##fyp ##foryou ##xyzbca ##fallguys♬ original sound – mbeen22

Whatever your stance on the Tryhards in gaming ‘controversy’, as it has become, it’s clear that it wasn’t intended to reach this level of scrutiny – and people can play games however they like. As long as your not cheating, it’s your copy of the game.