Top 5 PlayStation VR games ranked: Best PSVR games to play before PSVR 2


Virtual Reality has become a huge deal in the last few years with technology moving on so quickly. Sony threw its name into the hat with PSVR, a fully-immersive virtual experience on PlayStation hardware. So here are the top 5 PSVR games for old and new fans alike to play, ranked.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing VR, then you’re missing out. Gaming took a revolutionary step forward when the likes of Sony’s PSVR system hit the market in 2016. Gamers were transported from their couch to directly into the middle of worlds they would ordinarily only get to enjoy in their living room.

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People are being drawn to VR all the time, and with the PSVR 2’s development in full swing, even more, fans are likely to be attracted. So without further ado, here are the best PSVR games that need to be played, ranked, and all.

Ranking the top 5 best PSVR games

5. Firewall: Zero Hour

firewall zero hour shootoutFirst Contact Entertainment
Ready to pwn some n00bz?

Ever wondered what it was like to be inside of a military FPS game a la Call of Duty, well here you go.

The game actually shares more in common with Rainbow Six: Siege as players can select several Operators and need to hunt down enemy players in a tense sudden-death scenario. The game has received a plethora of updates since its launch, including single-player content, and continues to be the platform’s premium online FPS experience.

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4. Superhot

player fighting enemy in superhotSUPERHOT Team
If you want, you can remain like this forever.

Super…hot. This addictive word will become etched in your brain once you’ve sampled this incredibly innovative FPS/puzzle game hybrid.

The concept is simple, time only moves when you move. Literally, you want to remain catatonic for an hour? Cool, the enemies won’t move an inch and you can plan your course of attack. Superhot’s mechanics are unlike anything else, and in VR, it can become a real workout! Tons of scenarios to complete, a Story Mode, and Endless modes make for a super(hot) package.

3. Beat Saber

notes flying at player in beat saberBeat Games
We imagine this is how Darth Vader would unwind after a long day.

If you crossed the frantic swinging of lightsabers with a rhythmic music game, you get Beat Saber. It sounds insane, but that’s because it is.

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Just like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Thumper, Rez, or any other rhythm game you’ve ever played, Beat Saber just hits the right notes. You swing your sabers at the large, colorful beats, and try to finish the level as best as you can. You’ll also have to use your VR awareness to dodge obstacles whilst you do so, and it makes Beat Saber a great, physical specimen that provides an absorbing music and light show in the process.

2. Blood and Truth

explosion in blood and truthLondon Studio
This is the closest you’ll probably get to being James Bond.

The first real look at a fully-fledged AAA action-adventure title exclusively made for VR. Imagine the high-octane of Uncharted gunfights, tied together with some Horizon-esque platforming, and some Sherlock Holmes puzzle-solving thrown in for good measure.

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That’s the exquisite taste that Blood and Truth wants players to salivate over. It doesn’t outstay its welcome, and Blood and Truth is a perfect example of what Hollywood, AAA games can be in PlayStation VR.

1. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

astro jumping gapTeam Asobi
Astro Bot is an adventure that can be enjoyed for all ages.

Before PlayStation gamers became acquainted with Astro as a free, pre-installed game on PS5 consoles, Astro was busy in the VR world.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is adorable and jam-packed full of creatively diverse 3D platforming levels featuring a litany of classic tropes. Jumping, sliding, swimming, flying, mini-games, all contained within a variety of gorgeous and detailed worlds. Time Trials give the game even more replayability and Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a bonafide system seller — and in our opinion the best PSVR title on the market.

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