Tony Hawk wows the internet performing iconic Pro Skater songs with cover band

tony hawk holding up skateboardTony Hawk, Activision

The Tony Hawk’s franchise is an absolute classic and Birdman himself was recently captured singing songs from the games alongside a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater cover band.

In one of 2022’s most surreal and incredible stories, living legend Tony Hawk, probably the greatest skater ever, popped into a London gig to join in with cover band The 900.

Describing themselves as the “UK’s first and only Tony Hawk Pro Skater cover band”, the group was jamming some classic songs from the Tony Hawk’s games when the titular figure appeared and hopped on to sing with the band.

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Tony Hawk reverts to roots with ‘Pro Skater’ cover band

This heartwarming story will be nice for fans of the skating phenomenon after it was recently announced that a remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 + 4 was canceled.

In what could be considered a fated coming together, Hawk was in London to take part in the “An Evening with Tony Hawk” event at the London Palladium, but for unconfirmed reasons, it was canceled.

With free time on his hands, Hawk found himself in the Signature Brew bar in London where tribute band The 900 were playing – the band name being a reference to the mythical skating move that seemed impossible to pull off until Hawk himself managed it in 1999.

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Formed in 2020, the cover band plays songs from the Tony Hawk’s games and Hawk himself retweeted footage of him singing with the band.

The appearance was very much unexpected with even the venue themselves voicing their absolute shock at what unfolded.

It’s hard to ignore that this was probably a dream come true for a few guys rocking out to their favorite Tony Hawk’s songs and the band’s official Twitter account doubles down on this notion.

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It’s just an awesome story that worked out well in the end for all involved.

The 900 are continuing on with their UK-wide tour slaying songs like Bring The Noise and Ace of Spades, whereas Birdman is flying off to continue work on his controversial NFT project.

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake will also be appearing as part of August’s PS Plus games, if you fancy some nostalgic gaming.

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