TLOU and Red Dead actors reveal Fort Solis at Summer Game Fest

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troy baker and roger clark fort solis summer game fest
Troy Baker / Roger Clark / Geoff Keighley

Troy Baker and Roger Clark officially unveiled the first look alongside Geoff Keighley at the Summer Game Fest 2022.

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest 2022 stream officially began on June 9 bringing gamers first looks at a ton of all new titles.

One of those world premiers brought together two legendary actors in the games industry: Troy Baker of the Last of Us and Roger Clark of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Together, the pair unveiled the first official look at a new indie space horror title called Fort Solis.

Fort Solis gets world premiere at Summer Game Fest

Fort Solis is a third-person space horror game developed by the European independent developer, Fallen Leaf Studio.

The game takes place at a remote mining facility called Fort Solis located on Mars.

Fort Solis stars Troy Baker as Officer Taylor Medlock and Roger Clark as Jack Cleary.

According to Roger Clark, Cleary is a maintenance engineer at the mining post who maintains equipment during the “graveyard shift.”

Clark also teases the horror aspects of the game, stressing that the graveyard shift on Mars means that since “Earth and Mars are really far apart from each…so help is not a simple call away.”

Baker also gave details on what players can expect from Fort Solis saying players will be “exploring and discovering” and that “it’s a very tight thriller” with multiple locations to explore and traverse.

Baker also stressed that the “narrative is a huge element to this [game.]” Though he also notes the team did not waste any resources on the game’s performance either.

While we don’t know an exact release date for Fort Solis just yet, the game will apparently be available exclusively on PC.

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