TimTheTatman explains why he won’t stream MW2 multiplayer

YouTube: TimTheTatman

In the few weeks between Modern Warfare 2’s release and Warzone 2, don’t expect to find TimTheTatman streaming much MW2 multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 finally launches on Friday, but fans already got a taste of what to expect during the game’s Open Beta. First impressions didn’t hit the mark for some players as Skill-Based Matchmaking reared its ugly head once again.

SBMM is a controversial system in Call of Duty, and the community has endlessly pleaded for its removal. Dr Disrespect claimed Modern Warfare 2 is destined to fail because of the “horrific” feature.

A leak revealed massive SBMM changes are coming, such as Bot Pools to improve matchmaking for lower-skilled players. Fans will be pleased to see the developers potentially overhauling the system, but TimTheTatman isn’t convinced.

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Why TimtheTatman isn’t streaming MW2 multiplayer

In TimTheTatman’s October 23 YouTube video, he went over why he will most likely not stream Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer for more than a day or so.

For those unaware, SBMM places you in multiplayer lobbies with players of a similar skill level to you, with the aim of making matches more even. However, some higher-skilled players dislike the system because it makes casual matches feel more competitive than they should be.

Tim claimed, “the original Modern Warfare 2 with no SBMM was peak CoD public matches.”

The streamer explained SBMM should only exist in Ranked Play, and players of all skill levels should be able to match with each other in public matches.

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“I just don’t have fun playing Quick Play in Modern Warfare. The only reason I play is for the camos. I’m not going to stream something I don’t have fun playing.”

Tim’s streaming career took off playing Fortnite and Warzone, and he fell in love with those games and the battle royale genre.

“After streaming battle royales for a majority of my career, that’s what I really love streaming.”

The door has been left open for Modern Warfare 2 to change TimTheTatman’s opinion, so we will see how the developers respond to SBMM concerns.