TimeSplitters 4: Developers, gameplay details, leaks, everything we know

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TimeSPlitters 4 logo released for E3 2008
Free Radical Design

The TimeSplitters series is set to finally receive its fourth installment, more than a decade after it was announced in 2008. While it’s still early days yet, here’s a full rundown on everything we know thus far.

TimeSplitters has long held a special place in the hearts of gamers. After the first TimeSplitters released as a PlayStation 2 launch title, the series branched across every platform.

Known for its unmistakable tongue-in-cheek humor and frantic shoot-’em-up gameplay, fans of the series are finally due to get TimeSplitters 4 with the Free Radical founders brought back together.

First announced in E3 in 2008, and beleaguered with issues ever since, it’s been a rocky road getting here. Now with confirmation that TS4 is going ahead, here’s everything we know about the upcoming title.


TimeSplitters Cortez shooting into a portal
Free Radical Design
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect gained international recognition for its time-traveling antics.

Does TimeSplitters 4 have a release date?

Currently, no release date has been announced for TimeSplitters 4, but here’s what we do know.

After the bombshell closure of Free Radical Design signed an end to the development of the TimeSplitters franchise, players were forced to accept that TimeSplitters would be no more.

Re-igniting the fire underneath the fanbase, a tweet by Deep Silver Studios announced the resurrection of Free Radical in 2021, with confirmation that the team “have been working on plans to bring the TimeSplitters franchise back to life.”

Deep Silver is the studio that oversees the Metro and Saints Row franchises, meaning we can expect AAA quality when the release eventually comes.

That’s all we have to go off for now, however. So it’s safe to assume the next TimeSplitters title could still be a few years out, if development goes according to plan.

What platforms will TimeSplitters 4 be on?

Unfortunately, there’s been no announcement on what platforms TimeSplitters 4 will release on.

With the last title in the series TimeSplitters:Future Perfect existing across Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo it would be safe to assume Free Radical has friendly links with all existing platforms.

With the Metro, Saints Row, and Chorus releases, all by Deep Silver, being multi-platform titles, it’s a positive indicator that we’ll see Time Splitters 4 on all platforms too.

TimeSplitters 4 Leaks and Rumours

An image of the inside of Free Radical Designs office surfaced in June 2022. This leaked post soon caught fire across social media as it showed a number of character models in the Iconic TimeSplitters art style dominating a full wall of the space.

With Cyberfairy, Sergio, The Changeling, and Robot Louis Stevenson all instantly recognizable, it could be a solid indicator that fan-favorite characters will be coming back. Unfortunately, there’s no Sgt. Cortez in sight.

Characters in the classic TimeSplitters art style
Free Radical Design
The leaked image of the Free Radical walls indicates the game is sticking to its cartoonish unique style

With the details thin until the next major announcement, we’ll be keeping our ears firmly to the ground for anything we can update you with surrounding the upcoming release.

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