The top Jumpscares from Resident Evil 3 Remastered

by Bill Cooney


The Resident Evil 3 Remaster will be keeping plenty of people up at night, in part because of the addicting gameplay, and also due to the adrenaline-pumping jumpscares, the best of which we’ve listed below.

When RE3: Nemesis originally came out in 1999 on the Playstation it was plenty scary, even with the graphics of the day. Now the remake looks better than ever, which means things are even more terrifying this time around.

Below we have some of the best, scariest, moments from RE3 that will make you jump out of your chair. Some of these happen just before or after key points in the game, which means there will be some spoilers below, so those of you who want a purist Resident Evil experience have been warned.


Starting off Strong

Jill Valentine's apartment is probably the safest place in RE3, for all of the 5 minutes you spend there.

The first scene that will scare you out of your gourd happens at the very beginning of the game, just after you finish exploring protagonist Jill Valentine's apartment. 

Right after she gets done with a phone call in the opening scene, the massive zombie named Nemesis, who you’ll be seeing a lot more of as we go on, destroys her apartment completely out of nowhere.

What follows is just about as intense a start as you can get in a game, as you attempt to get Jill out of the destroyed building and away from her massive stalker in one piece.

Elevator, going up

Just after escaping from Nemesis for the first of many times, you'll be told to make your way to the roof of a nearby parking garage by a voice over a megaphone.

When you finally reach the base of the garage, and get done arguing with an ornery survivor who won't leave his truck, an elevator will be waiting to take you up to the roof.

As you open the door though, a pair of overly-ambitious zombies reach out to try and grab their next meal. These suckers popping out of nowhere and making those lovely zombie sounds are sure to wake you up.


A scare that will make you want a shower

The parasites might be the worst enemy in RE3, not just because they're terrifying, but they're also gross.

There are some moments in video games that just make you feel gross, and the first time encountering a parasite in RE3 is definitely one of them.

You see the zombie descending from the ceiling, but what you aren't ready for is when it grabs Jill and gives her the most disgusting french kiss you can imagine.

Luckily, if you have some healing items in your bag Valentine will make a full recovery after a quick hurl, but this is still one of the vilest parts in the entire game.

"Are you shi*ting me?"

You'll feel the same way as Jill at this point in the game, trust us.

After restoring power to the subway, Nemesis will burst out from behind a brick wall as you make your merry way to the next objective.

Jill's response to the behemoth reappearing is some much-needed comic relief, but he does make the next part of this level much more stressful since he's chasing you the whole time.

Check they're dead, then check again

In general, zombies in Resident Evil are pretty slow and easy to get away from, as long as you can see them coming at you.

One of their favorite strategies though is to lay in wait disguising themselves as dead bodies, then get up and attack you from behind or even as you stand on top of them.

Needless to say, there's not much worse than thinking you're in the clear, then a T-zombie appearing out of nowhere to take a chunk out of your neck.


Can't swim? No problem

Who needs to swim when you can jump?

Just before one of the multiple boss fights with Nemesis, Jill will observe him falling into a river on fire from a bridge.

Assuming he's finally dead, she calls Carlos, but her conversation is cut short as Nemesis shoots out of the water and begins the first stage of the fight.

Like the parasite scare, this one is telegraphed from a mile away, but the speed and ferocity with which the villain comes at you is definitely freaky.

A random drop-in

Towards the end of the game, as you're making your way towards the final showdown, Nikolai will tell you over the intercom that he "admires your tenacity."

Shortly after this, you'll have to activate an elevator, and at the same time you hit the switch, a zombie that looks like a regular dead body drops from the ceiling.

If you don't do anything or attempt to just get on the elevator without noticing it, you're just giving the uninvited guest a free lunch.


Final boss, one final jumpscare

The final boss battle is against, you guessed it: Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3's final boss fight is the longest one in the game, and once you reach the end of the first stage, things seem to be going poorly for Ms. Valentine.

That is, until our good friend Carlos comes in and saves the day with a crane that smashed the Nemesis out of nowhere, and destroys your eardrums in the process.

There are plenty more scares in the RE3 Remake other than these, but the ones listed here are sure to get your blood pumping.