The Sims 4 is getting two new basement and greenhouse kits

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Two of the upcoming four kits for The Sims 4 have just been revealed, and they each host wildly different content.

The Sims 4 team recently announced their plan to release four new kits and a large update, but their initial reveal of these upcoming additions was pretty cryptic. No real information was given aside from a general theme, leaving fans speculating about what possible new content could come.

The otherwise mysterious Tweet did insinuate the kits and update would have to do with making a Sim’s house feel more home-y, in a bid to have them “reclaim” their space. Many players understood this to mean that the kits would have a more decorative focus.

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Fans can now look forward to half of the upcoming kits with certainty, as they have been revealed by The Sims 4 team on Twitter. These are the Greenhouse Haven Kit and Basement Treasures Kit, the first two out of the total four coming.

When are Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures coming?

The two new kits for The Sims 4 will both release at the same time on April 20. They will each be priced at the usual $4.99 and can be bought directly from EA’s online shop.

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You will not need anything other than the base Sims 4 game to play the two kits, which can be downloaded for free.

What will Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures include?

The Sims 4’s Greenhouse Haven Kit will focus heavily on your green-thumbed Sims and all of their planting needs. While there is no confirmation on any set items coming with the kit, the team’s official Tweet showcased a few of the upcoming features.

Players will likely be able to build fully functional greenhouses in which they can make use of climate control. As the content coming will be in a kit and not a full expansion, fans can expect to mostly see Build or Buy mode objects added.

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There may be new plans, floral decor, and greenhouse-building options. New gener clutter or clothing for Sims related to gardening may also come with Greenhouse Haven. On the other hand, the Basement Treasures Kit will give your Sims’ house interior more flair.

With iconic Sims objects like the love bed seen in the official reveal photo, this kit will definitely focus more on funiture and items one would expect to find in a basement. No more will Simmers turn their basements into random rooms or dungeons!

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Both Build and Buy Mode are likely to see a variety of new additions with the two upcoming Sims 4 kits. If decorating is your fave in-game activity, be sure to pick the kits up when they drop on April 20.