The Sims 4 studio announces four new kits alongside big update

A group of Sims together from The Sims 4Electronic Arts

A free big update and four new kits have just been announced as on Twitter as upcoming additions to The Sims 4.

One thing that Simmers look forward to most with The Sims 4 is any announcement of upcoming additional content. Every once in a while, the game’s studio takes to Twitter with a reveal of a free update or expansion pack.

Most recently, The Sims 4 has seen the release of one of its biggest expansions ever, Growing Together. EA did not stop with just one addition, however, sending out a large free update to go along with it. These were both widely well-received, with fans seeing them as two of the best Sims 4 content releases.

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While there recently has not been much word on any upcoming additions to The Sims 4, EA seems to be gearing up for another set of releases for the game.

Kits and update announced for The Sims 4

Earlier today, the Sims team took to Twitter to reveal some upcoming features for The Sims 4. Announcing the additional content via a post and video, it seems that four new kits and one free update have been planned to release for The Sims 4 between April and June.

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The Sims team has also completely rebranded their social media profile following the announcement, showing off a new brown and green aesthetic with the tagline “Take Me Home.” This likely means that the revealed update will be one of their biggest, with the kits coming out alongside it as paid extras.

With mentions of the current season and “things that feel like home,” it is probable that the upcoming content will center around spring or summer and introduce build or buy mode items that clutter a Sim’s house to make it more home-y.

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While many fans are excited to see new content coming for The Sims 4, some are expressing their dismay at more paid kits being released. One Simmer responded to the announcement by tweeting about the team’s previous promise about kits not taking the spotlight over other expansion packs.

Despite the negative feedback EA is receiving for their lack of bigger, free releases, other fans are looking forward to any additional content for The Sims 4. Some Simmers are taking time to speculate about what the new additions could be, with one Tweeting that hotels might finally be added.

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No concrete dates have been set for the kits’ releases or the free update, but the additions that will prove ‘home is where the heart is’ should come within the next few months.