The Perceiver: Platforms, gameplay, setting & more

Project The PerceiverPapergames

Project: The Perceiver, or just The Perceiver, is an upcoming action-adventure game from PaperGames and 17ZHE Studio. Here’s everything we know about this upcoming Soulslike game.

At first glance, The Perceiver looks a lot like a Chinese Sekiro, and a lot like Team Ninja’s upcoming Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty. The game is a third-person action-adventure that appears to be a Soulslike game, at least until the trailer and gameplay reveal reaches the midway point.

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Then things become a lot more Nioh-flavoured as the historical adventure leans into fantasy. Below, we’ve gathered everything we know about The Perceiver since it was announced. We’ll also keep this page updated each time more information about the game comes to light.


The PerceiverPapergames
The Perceiver looks a lot like Nioh and Sekiro.

Does The Perceiver have a release date?

No, there is no release date for The Perceiver as of yet.

What platforms will The Perceiver be on?

The game will be coming to PS4 and PS5, there’s been no word on other platforms yet but a PC release also seems possible.

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The Perceiver trailer

Check out the trailer and gameplay reveal for The Perceiver below:

Check out 45 minutes of gameplay beneath:

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Gameplay and setting

The gameplay of The Perceiver seems to borrow from Sekiro, Nioh, and Ghosts of Tsushima in that it seems grounded in historical fiction, but with supernatural elements. This seems to especially be the case when traversing certain areas and fighting some bosses who seem to have supernatural abilities – but so do you.

The protagonist seems to be an artist and a noble living in a land called Tang before it is invaded and he is assassinated. In his dying breath, the player character laments he’ll not be able to finish his play, before falling into some water after being peppered with arrows.

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Here he discovers a magic mask that seemingly grants him superpowers and saves his life. The character then fights off his attackers, kills a boss who has the ability to control crows, and then claims his powers – and perhaps his identity too.

From here the protagonist goes on a quest to liberate Tang, defeat the invaders, and finish his play. The play is also known about by his enemies and will likely be of some significance to the game’s story. It may even be the cause of the invasion.

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So, that’s all we know about The Perceiver so far. For more on the biggest upcoming releases, check out our pages on some of the most-anticipated games that have been announced:

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