The Last of Us 2: All safe codes and combinations

Cracking safes in The last of us 2Naughty Dog

The Last of Us 2 is filled with safes, granting Ellie some key loot, and it’s a rather tough achievement if you manage to get all of them. So, with that in mind, here are all the safe codes and combinations — as well as their locations — for The Last of Us Part II.

Safes in The Last of Us are an easy way to grab some useful loot, including lifesaving medical supplies, skill improvements, ammo, and so much more. What’s more, finding, unlocking, and looting all of the safes will also earn you a rare achievement within the game.

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While that’s a great reason to look around you, actually finding both the safe and the code hint can be extremely challenging. So, we’ve put together all 14 of the safe codes and combinations for the entire playthrough of The Last of Us 2, to get you that loot and that achievement.


All safe codes in The Last of Us 2

When sneaking away from clickers or trying to take down one of the infected, it can become a challenge to find all the safes and their codes in The Last of Us 2. This is why we’ve put a list of all the codes and where you can find the safes in this thrilling game.

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Each code is split up into chapters and are listed in order of the events within the game, for easier access to your nearest safe.

Jackson Patrol safe codes

LocationSafe code
Jackson Patrol: Inside the spore-covered Grocery Store in the back office.07-20-13
Cracking a safe in The Last of us 2Naughty Dog
You can use the hints to find the codes, or just look straight for the safes.

Seattle Day 1 safe codes – Downtown, Capitol & Tunnel

LocationSafe code
Downtown: Located inside the courthouse office before heading into the elevator. Go to the basement garage, break the window and enter the locked room.86-07-22
Downtown: Found in Westlake Bank. Head through a dark opening at the base of the bank and walk towards the cashier counters. It’s behind there.60-23-06
Downtown: When you find the checkpoint, look for a small gap in the dense and squeeze through. The door will be through there.0451
Capitol Hill: Found at the end of Capitol Hill near the mines and traps. Look for the thrift shop near the taxi. Go to the back of the store and find the safe.55-01-33
Tunnels: After finding the Shamblers, look for a narrow corridor with side doors. In one of those side doors is a break room with a vending machine. The code can be entered here.15243

Seattle Day 2 safe codes – Hillcrest & Seraphites

LocationSafe code
Hillcrest: Look out for a back-alley garage blocked by a green dumpster. Move the dumpster and head inside. The safe is in here.30-82-65
Seraphites: Look for this code as soon as you leave the theatre. It’s by the apartment block with a locked main door. Head in through the basement window and head up to the upper-floor balcony. The safe is in the bedroom of that apartment.10-08-83
Seraphites: Look for Weston’s Pharmacy. The safe is behind a small hole in the wall, between two shelving units.38-55-23
Safe codes in The Last of Us 2Naughty Dog
There are plenty of safe codes to find and unlock in The Last of Us Part 2.

Seattle Day 3 safe codes – Flooded City

LocationSafe code
Flooded City: Look for a gate you can’t open unless you use the chain. Next to the door is another locked area with the safe. Move the trolley to get in.70-12-64
Seattle safe codesNaughty Dog

Seattle Day 1 safe codes – On Foot, Hostile Territory & The Coast

LocationSafe code
On Foot: Look for a small locked building as soon as you get off the boat. Break the window and head inside to find the safe.17-38-07
Hostile Territory: When you get to the Chinatown district, find Jasmine Bakery with a purple sign outside. The safe is in there.68-96-89
The Coast: While on the beached boat, head up to the top of the boat until you reach the bridge. The safe is located there.90-77-01

Seattle Day 2 safe codes – The Shortcut & The Descent

Cracking a safe in The Last of Us 2Naughty Dog
LocationSafe code
The Shortcut: While heading to the bridges, look out for some apartments near the freeway. Head into the first room and then into the bedroom, the safe will be inside.30-23-04
The Descent: This safe is located in the gym you find yourself in. Look for a small store room in front of the desk and the safe will be yours.12-18-79

Those are all the codes you’ll need in The Last of Us Part II. While loading into your playthrough, take a look at some of our guides and explainers for The Last of Us TV show.

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