The Last of Us Part 2 could release sooner than you think

Naughty Dog

PlayStation 4 fans have been eagerly awaiting news on a The Last of Us Part 2 release date ever since it was announced back in December 2016. Now almost three years on, a rumor suggests players might get their hands on TLOU2 sooner than they think.

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Development for the highly anticipated sequel began in 2014, meaning that developers have had five years to work on making it bigger and better than its predecessor – if that’s even possible. With such a long development time, you’d think that means a release date isn’t too far off.

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Rumors of a 2019 release date swirled after a Peruvian retailer posted an advert listing an October release, and was made even more confusing after a European retailer slated the game for September. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier later told fans that TLOU2 was indeed supposed to release in Fall 2019, but has been pushed back to 2020. Now, a recent rumor seems to back up his claims.

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When is it coming out?

According to a user on Chinese gaming forum A9VG, The Last of Us Part 2 is set to release in February 2020, and will have four different editions available for purchase: a standard edition, a special edition, a collector’s edition, and an Ellie edition.

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Infamous games insider ZhugeEX corroborated the rumour, posting on controversial video games forum ResetEra to confirm his supposed knowledge. “Last of Us 2. Feb 2020. Standard Edition, Special Edition, Collectors Edition, Ellie Edition,” he said.

ResetEraInfamous insider ZhugeEX backed up the rumor.
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What catches our eye the most about the rumor is the alleged release of the so-called ‘Ellie edition’ – what could this be? If past Naughty Dog collector’s editions are anything to go by, it could include a statuette of the female lead, or even a bust of her head. The first game’s edition had a statue of both Joel and Ellie, so maybe we could see another one of the pair together. Who knows.

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Interestingly, the PlayStation 5 is rumored to release in Holiday 2020, so if TLOU2 is coming out in February, maybe it will be a dual release like we saw with the PlayStation 3 version of the game which was remastered for PS4.

Naughty DogCould we see an Ellie edition?
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Ellie’s voice actor accidentally let slip

During an interview with Brian Foster from YouTube channel Critical Role, Ellie’s voice actress Ashley Johnson added more fuel to the fire when she accidentally let slip when asked a question about the game’s release date – oops!

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“So let’s touch on The Last of Us Part 2 – when’s it come out by the way?” Foster asked the actress. “Um, I think it’s coming out in Fe-” she begins to say before she’s interrupted. There aren’t any other months beginning with the letter F, so her slip up reinforces the rumor of a February 2020 release.

(Timestamp 1:07:01 for mobile viewers.)

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While all the signs point to The Last of Us Part 2 coming out early next year, nothing has been confirmed yet so obviously take all rumors with a grain of salt. We’ll update you with any further developments between now and the game’s release, so keep your eyes peeled.

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