The Division Resurgence gameplay reveal showcases open-world NYC and new classes

James Busby
The Division Resurgence screenshotUbisoft

Ubisoft has revealed gameplay of The Division Resurgence, giving players an early look at the upcoming mobile game’s open world and classes. 

Gameplay from the new free-to-play, third-person shooter RPG mobile gameThe Division Resurgence, has now been revealed by Ubisoft. The upcoming title aims to deliver the looter shooter action the series is known for, giving mobile players the opportunity to take their adventure on the go. 

The developers previously announced that The Division Resurgence will release in 2023 for iOS and Android devices. While the game’s launch may be a way off, Ubisoft has now revealed some early gameplay, which has given us a sneak peek into the title’s open-world and class-based roles. 

Those familiar with The Division series will feel instantly at home in The Division Resurgence. The game allows players to explore a fully open-world New York City (the setting of the first game), accept missions, and team up with other players to complete various tasks. 

During the gameplay reveal, we got to see the game’s base of operations and how classes play a pivotal role in the title’s co-op multiplayer. For example, the Vanguard specialization enables players to see nearby enemies, giving squads the opportunity to plan out devastating attacks. 

Meanwhile, the Demolitionist has access to Seeker Mines and other explosive-based weapons. The early gameplay demonstrated how these classes add a strategic layer to the game, while also creating moments of synergy between other squad members. 

While you can go into missions guns blazing, it’s often best to coordinate your attacks with other squadmates. To ensure a smooth experience, the developers have also completely reworked the interface, so that all the game’s controls can be customized to your desired preferences. 

Interestingly, the time needed to complete missions has been significantly reduced. This means you can boot up the game for some quick gameplay sessions on the go, without having to spend hours trying to reach the end goal. 

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