The Day Before gameplay demo hasn’t convinced people it exists


Following accusations that The Day Before isn’t a real game following its sudden 10 month delay, developer Fntastic has released a video demoing gameplay. Some gamers still aren’t convinced the game is real and are asking the devs for more proof.

The Day Before had viral traction behind it when its reveal trailer dropped. The survival MMO appealed to a massive audience, and it garnered a great deal of praise in its opening market push. This led to the game’s quick climb to being one of Steam’s most wishlisted games.

However, that Steam page has since been de-listed, with developer Fntastic claiming that it was due to a dispute with the game’s title and was removed from Steam “at the request of a private individual” according to their statement. This has led to widespread speculation that The Day Before isn’t real.

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To give those looking forward to the game’s release something to tide them over, a 10-minute long gameplay video has been released and accompanied by one of the devs being filmed playing the game. So far, gamers aren’t convinced.

The Day Before releases “last-minute” gameplay demo

Past the game’s initially slated release date, a new gameplay demo for The Day Before was dropped by Fntastic to show off their progress on the game.

Though some detractors have been convinced that the game is real, there are many people in the YouTube comments and replies on Twitter that weren’t exactly impressed with the gameplay on display.

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The video was criticized for the small number of zombies displayed on-screen at any given time, the gameplay being made up of, “just a character jogging through the environment”, and gamers re-iterating that they think it’d be a “miracle” if this game ever comes out.

Additionally, the developers are being called out for not showing off things like PvP that were promised features in other pre-release content leading up to the game’s now-delayed release date.

That said, Fntastic released another gameplay video alongside their 10 minute demo. This video showed one of the developers playing The Day Before in-person, complete with a look at their mouse and keyboard to in an effort prove that the game was actually being played.

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Reception to this video was mixed as well, with some gamers calling on the devs to do a livestream instead. Other commentors on the YouTube clip have linked timestamps to certain points in the video, claiming that motions on both the keyboard and mouse don’t match what’s happening on-screen.

While this pair of videos has quelled some of people’s uncertainty about The Day Before, there are others who remain unconvinced.