Terraria: Journey’s End release date confirmed for Nintendo Switch


Terraria developers Re-Logic have announced when the side-scrollers expansion Journey’s End will finally be coming to Nintendo Switch.

The Journey’s End update to Terraria marks the final massive update that the game will be receiving.

Having already been released for PC in early 2020, many have wondered when the update would finally come to Nintendo Switch consoles, and thankfully, the developers have provided more clarity on the release date as well as why it’s coming after the holidays.

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terraria fishingRe-Logic
Terraria was originally released in 2011.

Terraria: Journey’s End Switch release date

Journey’s End will be released on Switch on January 4, 2022.

Re-Logic made a note in their blog post about the late release and said, “If we were to release – say in December – this would create a scenario where if there are any bugs or issues at all, they would essentially be impossible to fix until probably sometime in mid-January.”

In order to avoid releasing the update without monitoring bug fixes, the devs have decided to wait until after the holidays to confirm a solid launch for their Switch player base.

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While this does delay Switch users’ ability to enjoy the update, it will help create a smoother launch in order to avoid potential problems. Seeing as Journey’s End is the final update for the game, the games’ developers want to make sure the update launches without a hitch.

Journey’s End marks the final big update for Terraria, a game Re-Logic have been working on since all the way back in 2011.

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