Terraria console commands on PC: How to use console commands

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All of the various console commands in Terraria can be a challenge to understand, so we’ve gathered every available code and the simple steps on how to use them in this handy guide. 

In Terraria players can explore a beautifully realized 2D world, while they build, craft, and interact with friends – but utilizing the game‘s console commands can make things a little easier, especially for those using multiplayer servers.

There are a handful of different options available with console commands that allow players to check and change a variety of aspects relating to their online servers. We’ve provided a full rundown of every console command available in Terraria and what each command lets you do in the game below.

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Players are able to build incredible structures in Terraria.

All Terraria console commands

Console commands are used to access certain features that are within the game’s coding. Players will be able to perform functions such as showing who is currently on the server, as well as being able to easily save, close, or clear the world.

These controls are only available to use on PC. Below, you’ll find every available console command, alongside what action they perform:

Console Command Action
help Prompts the command list to pop up
playing Shows who is currently on the server
clear Clears the console
exit Closes the sever
exit-nosave Closes the server without saving
save Saves the world
kick Kicks a certain player from the server
ban Bans a certain player from the server
password Shows password for the server/changes password
version Shows the version number
time Displays the current time
port Shows the listening port
maxplayers Shows the max players allowed on the server
say Declares a message to all players on the server
motd Displays the message of the day
dawn Time will be set to 4:30 am
noon Time will be set to 12:00 pm
dusk Time will be set to 7:30 pm
settle Calms all water in the world
midnight Time will be set to 12:00 am

How to bring up Terraria’s console commands

To utilize the game’s console commands, you’ll first need to make sure that you’re on a Multiplayer server, as the above codes do not work in Single Player. Follow these steps:

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  1. From the main menu, select ‘Multiplayer‘.
  2. Join your server of choice.
  3. Once in-game, press the backtick key (`) to bring up the console.
  4. Enter any of the Terraria commands listed above that you want to input.
  5. Press Enter, and that’s it!

If the above codes have been entered correctly, the function will now activate for you to use.

Are there console commands in Terraria for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch?

There are no commands currently available to use in Terraria on other platforms. If any information regarding this changes, we’ll be sure to update you right here.

So, there you have it — that’s everything you need to know about console commands in Terraria.

For more tips and tricks to help you out as you explore the 2D world, check out our guides:

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