Take-Two launches DMCA to stop VR mods for GTA 5, Red Dead & Mafia

Trevor and Michael in GTA 5.Rockstar Games

Video game publisher Take-Two has issued a DMCA to stop VR mods for their most popular titles like GTA 5, Red Dead, and Mafia.

The VR modding community for Take-Take games has been alive and going strong for years now, but a new roadblock may be stopping them in their tracks.

The dedicated community has brought a whole new virtual reality visual perspective for players of mega popular titles like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Unfortunately for VR modders, Take-Two has issued a DMCA against modders bringing their creative works to a grinding halt.

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Take-Two DMCA’s VR mods for GTA 5 and Red Dead

gta online playersRockstar Games
Take-Two’s DMCA requested to remove all VR mods for their titles.

On July 6, Take-Two submitted a DMCA request for the removal of mods from their titles such as Grant Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Mafia, and more.

VR modder Luke Ross shared that they had been DMCA’d by the gaming giant.

In his announcement on his Patreon about the DMCA he said, “I just received a DMCA takedown notice from Take-Two Interactive Software in relation to GTA, REDER2, and Mafia. They are demanding that I remove all their copyrighted works from my Patreon page.”

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He continued, “As you all know, I do create and distribute original modifications for those games, i.e, original pieces of software of my own creation that allow users to experience those games in a different and hopefully more intense and profound way. However, none of my modifications are built using software belonging to Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc, and the modifications are not intended to replace their games, nor are they a means of exploiting Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc’s proprietary IP or assets.”

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Luke admits he has no history in dealing with DMCA notices so he doesn’t know if an inquiry into clarification on the matter will lead anywhere.

Ross finished his post and said, “I refuse to believe that is what Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. wants because that would be an extremely anti-customer and anti-gamer move on their part. But I am not getting into a legal battle with them. If what they want is to assert their corporate dominance with gamers’ interests as collateral damage, I have no power to stop them.”

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We will provide an update if Take-Two does provide the VR modding community with clarifications regarding the DMCA.