T-Pain claims Apex Legends is too “sweaty” with pros and streamers like NICKMERCS

T-Pain Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Despite Apex Legends’ boom in popularity in Season 10, rapper-turned-streamer T-Pain has complained that the game is too sweaty, suggesting it’s just the top players, content creators, and streamers the ones having all the fun.

Following continuous issues within Warzone such as hacking and balancing problems, high-profile streamers like DrDisrespect and NICKMERCS made the leap over to Respawn Entertainment’s futuristic take on battle royale.

All these big streamers coming back to Apex has led to a resurgence in popularity, both in terms of players and viewers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. But, has it also had a negative impact?

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Rapper T-Pain thinks there is now an abundance of ‘sweaty’ players, making the game less enjoyable for the more casual player.

TPain Laughing with NinjaTwitch, T-Pain / Ninja
T-Pain has been popping up on random streams, including some with Ninja.

T-Pain disappointed with Apex & Titanfall

T-Pain is just one of many celebrity fans that Apex boasts, which also include Bryson Tiller and Soulja Boy.

Veering off into a different direction than the gritty flavor of Warzone, Apex Legends is focused on momentum and traversal. Boasting slick movement and faster approaches to gunfights, the alternative to Activision’s battle royal has become a surefire competitive hit.

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The change in gameplay can be jarring for newcomers, especially as the skill ceiling grows higher and higher. T-Pain has made it clear that Apex Legends’ sweaty opponents are making the game less enjoyable for him.

“Apex is like a sauna sitting outside in the middle of Arizona it’s so sweaty,” he said.

Mentioning the likes of NICKMERCS and nodding towards his prowess within the game, T-Pain feels more casual players are “not gonna have a good time playing that game.”

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T-Pain also bemoaned the state of Titanfall 2 – Respawn’s previous game before Apex, which has now been largely made unplayable due to hackers.

Joining in the rapper’s rally cry, one fan added that the problem is “because all these big streamers/esports players make it sweaty.”

Apex Legends might not be on the cards for T-Pain, but who knows, maybe we can enjoy a TF2 stream in the future.

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