Super Mario 64 streamer pops off with new world record despite massive mistake

New Super Mario 64 recordNintendo

A Japanese Super Mario 64 speedrunner had an emotional breakdown on Twitch after he clutched out the new 120 Star world record despite making a huge mistake that cost him a bunch of time.

Twitch streamer Batora shocked himself and the world on Friday, April 9 when he reclaimed the world record for beating Super Mario 64 with 120 Stars,

The record, which is considered one of the most prestigious in all of speedrunning, was previously held by Allan ‘Cheese’ Alvarez who completed the game in 1h 38m 25s.

Not only did Batora beat the record, he did so by a whopping four seconds. A significant amount of time given how tight of a run Super Mario 64 is, but it could have been by even more.

In fact, Batora’s run nearly ended in disaster after a mistake ended up costing him over 17 seconds.

During the Rainbow Ride stage, Batora miscalculated one of his jumps and ended up losing valuable time.

Judging by the streamer’s screams, he wasn’t happy about it either. However, he was ahead in his run otherwise and continued onward to make the jump on his second attempt en route to the new record.

In the final phase of the run, with a single mistake standing between him and the record, the Twitch streamer needed to land one final Bowser throw and he did so in extremely dramatic fashion.

Even though the last toss looked like it may barely miss, Batora was able to successfully land it, defeat the final boss and write his name back into the history books.

After finally reclaiming the record, the streamer was highly emotional and could be heard hyperventilating.

Of course, one has to wonder what’s lowest the record could possibly be taken down to, especially considering the fact Batora missed out on taking 17 seconds off the record.

With the new record being 1h 38m 21s, one has to imagine that the next big goal for these speedrunners will be getting the time down to 1h 37m. Until that time comes, however, Batora is the king of the 120 Star category.