SUBtember is Coming Back to Twitch and It’s Good News for Gifted Subscribers

Virginia Glaze
Twitch SUBtember advertisement.

Twitch is celebrating its annual ‘SUBtember’ event with a huge discount for gifted subs throughout the month of September.

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In a stream during PAX West, Twitch revealed the return of SUBtember, an annual sale for subscriptions across the platform.

This year’s promotion was announced with a graphic that revealed a major discount for gifted subscriptions.

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This SUBtember, users who have been gifted a subscription can continue the service into the next month for just one dollar. Better yet, this discount doesn’t affect streamers – creators will still receive the full subscription amount, with Twitch providing the rest of the revenue payout. 

However, there is a catch – the sale only applies to subs gifted within the month of September. Those who’ve gifted subs, rejoice – the ‘giftee’ can continue their subscription for the low price of a single George Washington.

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Users have been raving about the news on social media, with many streamers delighted at the prospect of gifted subscribers getting a chance to resub at a heavily reduced price.

“Yeah SOOOOO all 4500 of you that got gifted a sub in my channel? You can extend your sub by one month for $1 and @twitch covers rest so we still get our full cut. God damn! #hammersup #subtember”[ad name=”article4″]

While little else is known about SUBtember 2018, as Twitch has yet to post about the sale on their blog or social media accounts, more information could be forthcoming very soon.