Street Fighter 6 roster leak shows new, familiar characters

Street Fighter 6 roster leak reveals new and familiar characters

Published: 3/Jun/2022 19:20

by Brianna Reeves


Following its appearance at Sony’s June State of Play presentation, the Street Fighter 6 roster has seemingly leaked online in concept art that showcases 22 new and familiar characters.

Capcom officially announced Street Fighter 6 in February of this year in a roughly 40-second teaser trailer featuring Ryu and newcomer Luke. The publisher didn’t reveal much in the way of concrete details at the time but promised more details during the summer months.

Fortunately, Capcom delivered on that promise this week by showcasing a Street Fighter 6 trailer during PlayStation’s June 2 State of Play broadcast. It didn’t take long for fans to begin picking apart the new footage and updated website, either.


While scouring the official Street Fighter website, eagle-eyed fans noticed the names of several as yet unconfirmed characters. Site visitors even stumbled across match images that indicate the likes of Cammy and Guile will appear on the Street Fighter 6 roster.

Street Fighter 6 roster leaks

street fighter 6 roster leaks online Street Fighter 6 art reveals new and old faces

Twitter user Sigmaah uncovered and shared concept art featuring 22 different Street Fighter 6 combatants.

While characters such as Chun-Li, Luke, and Ryu were previously confirmed to appear, the leaked art reveals a number of other familiar faces and newcomers.

Classic fighters like Blanka, Ken, and Guile will return in the sixth mainline entry. Players can also look forward to once more getting their hands on fighters who joined the series in recent installments, including Ed, Juri, and Rashid.


In addition, EightyThor followed up the Sigmaah post by translating each character’s name from Japanese to English. Every character on the bottom row – Lilly, JP, Kimberly, and A.K.I – will debut on the Street Fighter 6 roster as newcomers. Mimi, Jamie, and Marisa will also appear for the first time.

Each fighter looks as though they’ll bring something fresh to the table, too. For example, Marisa is a boxer while the claws attached to A.K.I’s hands should pack more than a punch.