Street Fighter 6 fans are clowning Luke’s new Perfect Win animation

street fighter 6 luke header imageCapcom

A video on Twitter revealed that Street Fighter 6 is getting Perfect Win animations, but fans are too busy clowning Luke’s dance moves.

Street Fighter 6 isn’t coming until 2023, but Capcom hasn’t been shy about showing off the game in action.

While most fan reception to the game has been positive, some have taken issue with aesthetic choices like the new music direction Street Fighter 6 is taking.

Now, fans are clowning Luke, the new face of Street Fighter 6, after Capcom revealed each character will have unique Perfect Win animations.

Street Fighter 6 fans clown Luke’s new animation

The reveal came by way of Capcom Europe’s Brand Manager Matthew Edwards over on Twitter.

Fans were able to play Street Fighter 6 at Japan Expo 2022, where Edwards witnessed one player getting a Perfect Win — or a victory without getting hit once — at a demo kiosk.

Edwards tweeted out a short clip of Luke’s Perfect animation, which shows the fighter performing a little dance before the next round begins.

While Edwards tweeted that “Luke is definitely from the TikTok generation,” other fans were not as gracious to Luke’s dancing, or the animation in general.

“Oh my god. This looks so freakish with his stupid giant Popeye arms and tiny legs and waist,” said user ‘starstaringnerd.’

“Luke has tiny legs. He looks like a dancing hobbit…” replied another Twitter user by the name of ‘BigJimbo0100.

However, other astute fans noticed that the reason Luke appears to have “tiny legs” is due to the offscreen recording and the angle of Edwards’ phone.

“BTW…it’s just the camera angle of the recording making him look like that. No, he doesn’t have Jack-2 legs…,” noted user ‘emezie,’ who provided side-by-side proof showing it is just a trick of the recording.

While emezie’s side-by-side photos do prove Luke’s proportions aren’t as freakish as the video would have fans believe, fans still seem to be split on the animation’s quality and its fit for Luke.