Street Fighter 5 player discover meta-defining combo after Definitive update

Ken Masters in Street Fighter 5Capcom

Street Fighter 5’s Definitive update gave the whole roster of fighters access to new combo possibilities; one player has found a new way to play with one of the game’s most classic characters.  

Characters were born anew through Capcom‘s Definitive update for their storied fighter, Street Fighter 5, as they were given more combo possibilities and potential. 

While fans may know Ryu and Ken as two of the most standard combatants throughout the franchise’s history, allowing for anybody to quickly pick up, the recent update has managed to turn Ken Masters on his head. 

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Ken Masters in Street Fighter 5Capcom
Ken has historically been a basic character but the update changes things

New Ken Masters Combos Discovered in Street Fighter 5 

People have been dropping into the ring in Street Fighter 5 to try out the new changes that Capcom gifted them. 

Capcom’s updates included updates to address bugs and the amount of damage that characters could dish out. 

More importantly, the way the game was played on a fundamental level. The Definitive update made adjustments to combos, reworking the system for every character in the process. 

Ken Masters was given an array of changes to his gameplay, but on the surface, it seemed that the character would still play the same and only that one way. 

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The most significant change to Ken was a buff to his V-Trigger 1 skill. While his V-Trigger skill is active, Ken is able to cancel all versions of his Hadouken fireball into either equipped V-Skill. As many players don’t play with V-Trigger 1, some felt this change was pointless. 

One player, in particular, has found some new tech with Ken Masters that has us rethinking what is actually possible in Street Fighter 5. 

Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 player finds new Ken combo routes

The person who found the Ken combos is Kazey77, who recently uploaded a video of his high-level Ken to YouTube. 

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Kazey77 takes advantage of the updates and shows off seemingly everything that can be done with Ken in the definitive version of SF5. 

In the clip, he selects Ken with V-Trigger 1 and proceeds to cancel his fireball into a multitude of heavy-hitting combos that leave his opponent with little to no health left in some instances. 

At one point, Kazey77 tacks on the pressure from his fireball V-Trigger 1 cancel so much so that he defeats his opponent while they’re blocking. Intense. 

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It’s hard to know where Ken currently sits in Street Fighter’s meta, especially since the changes are all so new.

But, with what is possible from one of the most historically basic characters in the game, the possibilities of where this version of Street Fighter is headed has us on our toes.