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Streamer stunned as 48 hour Flight Simulator challenge ends in disaster

Published: 2/Sep/2020 20:17

by Alan Bernal


A Twitch streamer’s quest to fly around the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator was an incredible display of persistence and technical ability – but the game didn’t quite let him stick the landing.

The streamer, known as ‘izidore,’ prepped flight plans, picked his Airbus out of the game’s extensive catalogue of planes and set up his IRL setup for the long haul.

The two-stream 48-hour challenge to travel the globe was set, and the streamer had taken off without a hitch – but the trip had a few surprises with internet connection errors and game crashes along the way.


Not one to succumb under the pressure of demoralizing early issues, izidore took his Airbus A320neo and trekked well into the night. Though he had unlimited Endurance and Range on his craft along with no fuel restraints, there were still bumps to overcome.

Izidore Twitch
The flight was perfectly executed, but the landing was a different story.

However, the two-day flight wasn’t going to stop. Izidore did everything from constantly monitoring his computer’s connection, sleeping on stream, and more, just to make sure he could bring the plane to its final destination.

After dozens of hours talking shop with his chat, the time had come to start his descent into the international airport. The only thing left to do after circumnavigating the globe was to stick the landing.


There were plenty of questions looming about how to actually park the Airbus, but the streamer was adamant to find a way to manually land.

The notification blaring ‘Overspeed’ noted how fast he was coming onto the runway. As he made touchdown, he celebrated, but then the screen went black.

“You damaged your landing gear.” The game told him that he had crashed, prompting him to either restart or go to the main menu, but izidore was happy for what he had accomplished in spite of he bummer ending.

“I landed it, that’s a lie,” the streamer said after ‘crashing’ his plane. “I don’t care, that’s a win. We landed. That’s a landing if I’ve ever seen it.”


He was shocked at the landing, and a couple of more attempts didn’t yield any improvements, but for izidore, the feat was accomplished.

The endeavor clocked in around 46 hours and was a huge test of persistence – and one of the most impressive trips in the Flight Simulator to date.