Elder Scrolls fans find something very familiar in Starfield gameplay

Starfield gameplay reveal elder scrolls 6 similaritiesBethesda

While pouring over Starfield’s gameplay reveal trailer, eagle-eyed Elder Scrolls fans spotted some similarities between the sci-fi RPG and Elder Scrolls 6’s lone teaser. 

Bethesda Softworks unleashed a brief teaser trailer for Elder Scrolls 6 during E3 2018. Details about the project remain scant, however.

Developer Bethesda Game Studios has geared much of its focus towards wrapping up Starfield in recent years. And the fruits of such labor will finally come to bear sometime in 2023, though the title previously boasted a November 2022 due date.

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Bethesda and Xbox unveiled more of the spacefaring adventure during their joint showcase over the weekend to the delight of many. The gameplay reveal came complete with a look at shooting mechanics, traversal, and explorations.

Starfield gameplay reveal features Elder Scrolls similarities

Starfield gameplay reveal map looks like elder scrolls 6Fans spot Elder Scrolls 6’s teaser imagery in Starfield.

Perceptive onlookers noticed something else during Starfield’s gameplay preview – a planet whose terrain seems to bear a lot in common with the only location shown for Elder Scrolls 6 (above).

Reddit user Quasimofo170 called attention to the similarities on the Starfield subreddit, sharing a screenshot of mountainous Starfield terrain that looks as though it belongs in the Elder Scrolls teaser.

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Other Redditors said they, too, spotted the uncanny resemblance. And many believe it could be purposeful, perhaps a quick nod to another work-in-progress at Bethesda Game Studios.

Starfield’s confirmed 1,000 explorable planets open the door for myriad possibilities in terms of location design. As such, a Tamriel-inspired locale in the upcoming role-playing title doesn’t seem too farfetched.

In addition to a potential Elder Scrolls 6 Easter egg, the recent Starfield preview teased the title’s character customization, lock-picking mechanics, and resource mining.

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Glimpses of the third-person shooting gameplay were also on display, offering a quick look at how the action will unfold when things get hairy.

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