Star Citizen: Trailers, Squadron 42, platforms & more

Star Citizen ship floating over planetCloud Imperium Games

After initially being hyped as the all-compassing sci-fi epic that gamers had dreamed, Star Citizen has become one of the most notorious games in recent memory. After 10 years in development, here’s everything we know about the troubled title so far.

For a fully-fledged sci-fi fan, Star Citizen looked like it was going to be the game that would deliver everything they could possibly want. A ridiculously large universe to get lost in, a vast and complex space economy, and immaculately realized ships to poke around in.

However, after being announced as a Kickstarter project and becoming one of the most successful crowdfunded projects of all time, the game has turned into something of a meme at this point.

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With 10 years of development behind it, here’s everything we know about Star Citizen and its current state.


Star Citizen explained

First announced in 2012, Star Citizen is a Cloud Imperium Games MMOG directed by Chris Roberts, set in a vast sci-fi universe. It looked to combine FPS mechanics with a deep economy and space combat all in one product.

Star Citizen is currently in early access, with sections of the game being released to backers gradually in the form of “modules.” Each of these modules represents a single slither of the overall package that was promised, as a way of satisfying long-term supporters.

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First, backers received an early build called “Hangar Module,” allowing players to explore a handful of ships. This was followed by “Arena Commander” and “Star Marine,” showcasing epic ship combat and on-foot FPS gameplay respectively.

The most recent module, “Persistent Universe”, came in 2015, which combines all three of the previous sections into one cohesive experience. At present, there are four explorable planets and career paths to pick from, along with other players to team up with.

Is there a Star Citizen release date?

In short, despite being announced a decade ago, there is sadly no full release date for Star Citizen. However, as the game is in early access, interested fans can experience the long-awaited title if they choose to.

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By heading to the game’s official website, you can pay $54 for the Starter Pack as the cheapest way to try it out. However, if you also want access to Squadron 42, this is a separate pledge.

Star Citizen trailers

There have been dozens of trailers, Q&As, and behind-the-scenes clips throughout Star Citizen’s long and storied development.

Check out the cinematic for Squadron 42, the reveal for the latest Alpha version, and Inside Star Citizen below.

Squadron 42

Alpha 3.17

Inside Star Citizen

Star Citizen budget

Star Citizen player in cockpit of shipCloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen combines plenty of different mechanics, including space combat.

As of November 2021, Star Citizen has earned over $400 million from crowdfunding, after the initial Kickstarter campaign raised $2 million in 2012.

After such a substantial amount of crowdsourcing followed by lengthy delays, many backers have asked for refunds since 2015. In some cases, this has even led to lawsuits from those that have pledged.

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Star Citizen Sqaudron 42

Mark Hamill in Star CitizenCloud Imperium Games
Mark Hamill is just one of the stars to feature in Squadron 42

Squadron 42 is Star Citizen’s single-player campaign, where fans take control of a pilot from the United Empire of Earth and embark on a “cinematic sci-fi adventure.” At the time of writing, the mode is still in development and isn’t playable for those who have pledged.

Although the solo section was initially meant to be part of the full Star Citizen release, it is currently being listed as a standalone section. That being said, progress in Squadron 42 is said to interact with the multiplayer component when it comes to rewards and progression.

It will be released in multiple episodes, the first of which is expected to provide 20 hours of gameplay across 70 missions.

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While there is no word on when the campaign will finally drop, the cast is certainly worth getting excited about. Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, Andy Serkis, Henry Cavill, and Ben Mendelsohn are all signed on to play different roles.

Star Citizen platforms

Star Citizen soldiers firing behind coverCloud Imperium Games
Despite the long delays, players still hope Star Citizen can deliver on its promise.

As it currently stands, Star Citizen is only in development on Windows PC, with no plans for a release on any other platforms.

The developers haven’t ruled out a console release, but given the sheer size and scope of the game, as well as its lengthy development cycle, it’s unlikely we’ll see it on PlayStation or Xbox any time soon.

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