Splitgate teases “monumental development” coming soon

Connor Knudsen
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According to Splitgate’s Twitter account, it looks like something very big could be in the works very soon for the 1047 Games title.

Splitgate, one of the FPS world’s latest and greatest, has made waves with its gameplay — filled with portals and wild movement patterns.

Plenty of streamers have taken to Splitgate over the Summer, including Adin Ross, as the game has seen a huge rise in popularity. This coming, albeit a bit randomly, two years after popular names like xQc, Dr. Disrespect, and Summit1g were playing the game.

However, in recent weeks, the game’s popularity has plateaued a bit leaving players asking, “what’s next?”

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1047 Games
Season 0 of Splitgate is now available to play free on most major consoles

Splitgate update coming soon

On September 8, the official Splitgate Twitter account tweeted out that “Next week, the future of Splitgate and 1047 Games begins” hailing this upcoming update as “the most monumental development in our company’s history.”

It’s a mystery as to what exactly may be coming for the high-flying FPS, but fans have already begun speculating in the comments of the post. Splitgate quickly took to reassuring fans that the company was not being purchased by a larger developer, and even had some fun with Pizza Hut Gaming.

Right now, the game is a few weeks into its Season 0, which featured a new map, new game modes, a battle pass, and skins.

This announcement would have to be a little bit more than a new season, one would think, to be hailed as it has been by the developer. But, as the Tweet claimed, fans will likely have to wait until next week to find out more.

In the meantime, players interested can download Splitgate here and are encouraged to check out Dexerto’s review of the game as well.