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Splitgate Season 0: New map, game modes, Battle Pass, weapon skins & armor

Published: 25/Aug/2021 21:50

by Alec Mullins


Announced at Gamescom on August 25, Splitgate Season 0 has fully arrived. While 1047 Games previously intended to launch the full game later this year, it seems the game is staying in beta as a new wave of content is released.

With Splitgate exploding in popularity over the last month, there’s no doubt that players are hungry for more content. Let’s take a closer look at what Season 0 brings to the table.

Splitgate Season 0 Battle Pass

1047 Games
A closer look at the all-new Battle Pass in Season 0.

The new Battle Pass brings 100 levels of unlockable content to the game. From weapon skins to armor unlocks, there is no lack of content in this release. There also seems to be a good number of Splitcoins along the way, meaning each player who buys the pass could potentially unlock a variety of the other in-game items.


To progress further up the Battle Pass, you have the choice of grinding out games and earning XP or you could buy your way through the tiers using Splitcoins to skip ahead.

Splitgate Season 0 skins and armor

1047 Games
General is a new skin for Maelstrom. Available in the Season 0 Battle Pass.

A few characters received multiple skins in this Battle Pass. You can find three different variations of Tusk, and four upgrades for both Hands on Jack and Maximus on the path to level 100. The final skin is General, a skin for the character Malestrom. This skin is the perfect mix of impressive and terrifying and serves as a great endcap for the 100 tiers.

There are also plenty of weapon skins and other cosmetic items in this Battle Pass, starting at level one with the Cardboard skin for the Assault Rifle. This continues through the rest of the pass as you unlock jetpack skins, player banners, and concludes with the Epic portal skin Honeycomb and a golden Jetpack skin at levels 98 and 99 respectively.


New game modes in Splitgate Season 0

Contamination is a fan-favorite asymmetrical game mode that debuted in Halo 3 under the name Infected. Teams are unevenly divided into survivors and infected. The job of the infected is to track and kill the survivors, slowly converting the entire lobby into infected. The winner is decided either when the infected team converts all surviving members or when a survivor makes it to the end of the game clock. This game type is perfectly suited to Splitgate’s style of play. The addition of jetpacks and portals to the classic mode will bring something fun and fresh to an already beloved feature.

There are several more games inside the new Team Rumble playlist. These include Big Head Snipers, One In The Chamber, and the Splitgate original mode Laser Tag.


Splitgate Season 0 new map

1047 Games
Karman Station is a much-improved rendition of the original Outpost map.

This season’s new map Karman Outpost may look familiar to some of the game’s earliest players  The new map is a reimagining of the original map Outpost and will be permanently replacing it in the rotation. Set inside a space station, this map will further open up the potential of the game. It’s filled with opportunities to go crazy with your portals and absolutely bamboozle your enemies.

This update looks to be an absolute win for the Splitgate community. There is so much to explore and enjoy, and it’s sure to keep the community happy as the game moves closer to its official release date.