Splitgate July 27 update patch notes: New maps, modes & FOV Slider

Jacob Hale
splitgate july 27 update patch notes
1047 Games

Splitgate is one of the most exciting new games launching in 2021, a free-to-play FPS looking to tackle some of the big dogs in the space with a fresh take on the genre, and the July 27 update looks set to make the game even bigger.

While the game is still in beta, it’s picking up huge fanfare, with thousands of players logging in to developer 1047 Games’ baby.

The July 27 update, barely days before its intended console release in August 2021, has changed the game up significantly.

With a whole host of new content, features, and quality of life changes to get the game in impeccable shape, here’s what’s in the latest Splitgate update.

New maps

The latest update sees two new maps arrive in Splitgate: Crag and Foregone Destruction.

Crag is an excavation site perfect for snipers and battle rifle aficionados, while Foregone Destruction promises to reward the quickest portal players on the map.

New VIP Takedown mode

The new casual game mode VIP Takedown is a variant of the popular Takedown mode, where respawns stop when your VIP dies.

To win in Takedown, you have to eliminate the entire enemy team, with respawn timers increasing with each death. VIP Takedown just makes this just that bit more exciting.

Added gameplay features: FOV Slider, bug fixes, more

splitgate foregone destruction map
1047 Games
Foregone Destruction is one of the new maps arriving in Splitgate.

Several new gameplay features have arrived in Splitgate with the July 27 update, including a much-requested FOV slider, with even top games such as Fortnite and Warzone (on console) failing to deliver on this feature so far.

Consoles also now have keyboard & mouse support, while a number of bugs with portals, aim assist and cross-platform party chat have been addressed.

The full patch notes are below.

Splitgate Update 1.03 Patch Notes


  • New Maps – Crag, Foregone Destruction

Game Modes

  • VIP Takedown – New casual game mode! Takedown variant where respawns stop when your VIP dies.

Battle Pass

  • Extended Beta Battlepass – We have added 5 new tiers to the limited-time Beta Battle Pass! (All Free)


  • Console FOV Slider – You can now change your FOV in the Video Settings
  • Console KB/M Support (beta) – Switch to KB/M input in Gameplay Settings
  • Known issues with Mouse Cursor sometimes not appearing
  • Replays and Killcam now work on PlayStation
  • Fixing various Portal Bugs that caused people to get stuck in walls.
  • Aim assist no longer pulls through portals you can’t see through.
  • Cross-platform Voice Chat now works in-game as well as in the pre/post-game lobby.


  • Adding a “Complete all Weekly Challenges” with a Drop Reward

UI / Quality of Life

  • Custom Controller Bindings – Rebind your controls to any configuration you want in Controller Settings.
  • New controller button presets – Bumper Jumper & Tactical
  • Cross-platform leaderboard toggle
  • Custom server browser sorting + pagination
  • Fixing issues on PlayStation where player names would take up to 5 minutes to load in
  • Item Shop controller navigation improvements.
  • Safe Zone improvements on PlayStation
  • New Brass Rank – Added a rank below Bronze called Brass
  • Rank Division – Each rank has been split into 2 divisions (ex. Gold 1, Gold 2)


  • Anti-cheat improvements
  • Various Crash Fixes
  • Fixed hitch when opening a drop on base consoles
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.