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New Splinter Cell game rumors: Ubisoft reportedly bring back Sam Fisher

Published: 19/Oct/2021 14:49 Updated: 19/Oct/2021 14:51

by Sam Comrie


Lying dormant for years, the much-beloved stealth franchise Splinter Cell is set to finally return. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming installment.

Splinter Cell originally debuted back in 2002 for the original Xbox before being ported to the PC, PlayStation 2, and Gamecube. Offering a more realistic take on stealth than Metal Gear, players were impressed by Ubisoft’s immeasurable attention to detail and ability to craft tense scenarios while pushing the boundaries of the hardware for the time. Favoring the use of light and darkness over brute force, it might just be time to grab the night vision goggles again, as a report from Video Games Chronicle has detailed the future of the franchise.


With barely a word said on the franchise since 2013’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the new installment is said to be in the early stages of development, as a means to win back disgruntled fans.

Sam Fisher Splinter Cell
Sam Fisher has made various appearances in Ubisoft titles over the years.

When will Splinter Cell be released?

While there isn’t any word of an official announcement on the cards, we could expect to see the next Splinter Cell game released by at least 2023. Currently rumored to be in the initial stages of development, the installment is said to be a reaction to the ill-received VR and mobile games released in the last few years. With fans desperate for a true mainline installment, this could be a huge win to get fans back onside.


The next Splinter Cell game is reportedly being developed away from Ubisoft’s traditional Montreal headquarters.

What will it be about?

Sam Fisher has appeared in numerous Ubisoft titles over the years, such as the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six franchises. Sporting an older aesthetic in Ghost Recon, the character is said to be the last of his kind, as operatives like Fisher were beginning to disappear (complete with a reference to Metal Gear’s iconic Solid Snake). However, in Rainbow Six: Siege, Fisher is shown with a more Punisher-inspired design as Agent Zero.

sam fisher in r6 siege
Fisher made his way to Rainbow Six: Siege.

Will it be a reboot?

It is unclear what direction the installment will take, but it is very possible that the franchise could be rebooted for an entirely new generation. As the original game is nearly 20 years old, Ubisoft could be looking to revitalize Splinter Cell’s image for more youthful players. Naturally, as the world has evolved, there will be plenty of stories to weave into the narrative for a modern interaction.


We’ll be staying up to date with any Splinter Cell news in the future, so be sure to keep checking in with us as more news develops.