Speculation for Bungie’s next project after Destiny 2 grows as new job listings appear

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A job listing for an unannounced Bungie title has fans wondering what the next project will be for the Destiny 2 developer.

2022 has already been a wild year for Destiny developer Bungie. The former Halo devs were bought by Sony in January 2022 for a whopping $3.6 billion following a slew of big-money acquisitions across the games industry.

They also celebrated the launch of Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion, which we reviewed handing it high praise.

Fans have long speculated about Bungie’s next step as a company, having worked on the Destiny series for nearly eight years. Now, company job listings are starting to give hints for what may lie ahead for its next IP.

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Destiny 2 Beyond LightBungie
Destiny 2 was first released back in 2017.

Bungie job listings hint at next project

A few listings on Bungie’s job page have piqued players’ interest for keywords that relate to possible gameplay and a competitive circuit around the title.

One of the listings is for an “Incubation Contract Environment Artist” for an “unannounced multiplayer action game.”

Another job for the unannounced game is for “Incubation Contract Level Designer” with skills required including, “Experience working on character-focused third-person action games (platformers, isometric, etc).”

The unannounced title could be a third-person game, though that could easily change as development gets underway.

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bungie job listingBungie
The job listings on Bungie’s careers page could hint at a new project.

Bungie in the past has teased a project titled “Matter“, the tentative name for a game that has a release window of 2025. The company has also said their mysterious next game after Destiny 2 will be “esports-ready.”

Matter could be a third-person game with a skew towards competitive play, but for now, we can only speculate as the company slowly teases out its plans post-Destiny.

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