Sony has reportedly ceased talks with Microsoft amid Activision merger

Sony has reportedly ceased talks with Activision amid Microsoft mergerSony, Microsoft

New reports indicate that Sony has cut off communication with Microsoft in regards to discussing the potential Activision Blizzard merger despite the fact that the two companies were previously discussing the deal openly.

One of the biggest topics in the gaming industry in the past few years has been focused on whether or not Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard will be put through. This historic acquisition sparked controversy over the way in which it could potentially help Microsoft create a monopoly in the gaming space.

However, recent reports indicate that Microsoft has been in contact with their closest competitor Sony, with the two juggernauts discussing how this deal would operate and function moving forward. Specifically in regard to major game franchises such as Call of Duty which falls under the Activision Blizzard banner, yet currently has an ongoing agreement with Sony to provide exclusive content on PlayStation hardware.

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And while it had been reported that the two were communicating openly in the past, there are now claims that Sony is no longer wanting to talk with Microsoft about the merger.

As first reported by the Financial Times, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick says Sony has “stopped talking to anyone” in regard to the upcoming deal and potential merger.

“Suddenly, Sony’s entire leadership team stopped talking to anyone at Microsoft. I think this is all Sony just trying to sabotage the transaction. The whole idea that we are not going to support PlayStation or that Microsoft would not support the PlayStation, it is absurd.”

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Time will tell if Sony does decide to reach back out with Microsoft and how the two companies progress and cooperate moving forward. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated and in the loop when more developments are made.