Sonic Origins Level Select cheats codes & Hidden Palace Zone

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sonic staring at player in sonic origins

Sonic Origins packages together some of the most iconic adventures SEGA’s blue hedgehog has ever undergone and we’ve detailed a few of the most important cheats, including Level Select, to make the game’s content even more accessible for you.

Aside from some controversy regarding the locking of certain Sonic Origins features behind a paywall, fans have been enjoying the nostalgia of replaying some classic platformers. Containing four legendary games, Sonic Origins has a ton of content for both older and newer players to enjoy.

There are many creative levels for players to make their way through in Sonic Origins, but perhaps you need to access a certain Zone a bit quicker? Thankfully, sneaky cheat codes allow you to use Level Select with the games, so we’re going to show you how to do that today, along with how to get to the secret Hidden Palace Zone.


sonic collecting rings in marble zone in sonic 1
Sonic The Hedgehog, the game that started it all.

Sonic Origins: Sonic The Hedgehog level select cheat code

To access the cheat codes for Sonic The Hedgehog, you will need to input the following code through these various steps:

  1. Go to the game’s title screen.
  2. Wait for the ‘Press Button’ notification to appear.
  3. Press the following buttons in order: Up, Down, Left, Right.
  4. The game will make a ring sound effect.
  5. Now, press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Switch — depending on your platform.

This should enable Level Select, as well as a few other cheats such as character select, the game’s item pool, and even how many emeralds you need to obtain.

sonic running in chemical zone in sonic 2
Want to bypass the secretly tricky Chemical Zone in Sonic 2? Level Select will help.

Sonic Origins: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 level select cheat code

Accessing Sonic The Hedgehog 2’s cheats follows near enough the same method as the first game.

This is how you can do it:

  1. Head to the Sonic 2 title screen.
  2. Wait for the words ‘Press Button’ to appear.
  3. When they do, you can input the following: Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.
  4. Wait for the ring noise.
  5. Finally, press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Switch — depending on your platform.
mushroom zone in sonic 3
Knuckles was a big addition to the franchise – literally.

Sonic Origins: Sonic 3 & Knuckles level select cheat code

If you’ve already nailed down the basics of getting Level Select to work in the other two Sonic games, then Sonic 3 & Knuckles will be a cakewalk.

  1. Be on the game’s main title screen.
  2. Wait for the ‘Press Button’ prompt.
  3. Enter: Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up.
  4. Listen out for the usual ring.
  5. This time, press any button
  6. You now need to move the cursor to highlight a hidden ‘Sound Test’ option.
  7. Select this and you unlock Level Select for Sonic 3 & Knuckles
knuckled riding down rail in sonic 3 and knuckles
Most Sonic fans will have never played the Hidden Palace Zone.

Sonic Origins: Hidden Palace Zone Location

After not being in the original release of Sonic The Hedgehog 2, players can finally play the famed, almost mythical, Hidden Palace Zone that was rumored.

If you’re eager to delve into this long-awaited content to see what it has in store for you, check out these instructions:

  1. In Sonic 2, either use Level Select or play through the game naturally to reach ‘Mystic Cave Zone Act 2’.
  2. From the start of the level, go to the right.
  3. Fall off the bridge and keep going right until the level stops you.
  4. Drop down and head past the rotating boxes.
  5. Lower the next wooden bridge and jump off the yellow spring after this.
  6. You should come across a pit with a vine over it.
  7. Don’t pull the vine, instead, just hop down into the pit, and hey presto, you’re in the Hidden Palace Zone!

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