Sonic Frontiers open-world gameplay revealed and fans are loving it

sonic frontiers gameplaySega

Sega gave fans their first taste of Sonic Frontiers’ open-world gameplay in its latest teaser trailer and people are loving the bold new take that’ll unleash the Blue Blur like never before.

Sonic Frontiers will let players explore green pastures and floating rails across the game’s vast landscapes, an overall gameplay design not seen in the franchise’s near-30-year history.

It’s going to be a big leap for Sonic fans but so far audiences are loving the fresh take on the game – despite some details plenty of people had early feedback on at first sight.

Still, Sega are reportedly planning a big year for their blue mascot following the sequel to his motion picture earlier in 2022 and the Sonic Origins due out on June 23.

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sonic frontiers platformsSega
Sonic Frontiers will launch on all major platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Sonic Frontiers gameplay reveal

Ahead of the full-length Sonic Frontiers reveal on June 1, the devs released a snippet of what will be shown of their ambitious new title with a small preview trailer.

The 30-second spot looked at the sense of the scale of the areas people will navigate while clearing missions and completing objectives.

Speaking of, it seems as if the Sonic Team will incorporate dynamic forms of combat along with objects around the map that players will have to interact with to benefit from its effects.

Enemies will come in many sizes, some of which look colossal compared to Sonic. The devs have given themselves a lot of room to work with, and fans are cautiously optimistic about the new game.

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“Still trying to keep expectations in check because I remember thinking Forces looked fun too,” one user said. “But it’s not disappointing me in any way so far. I’m getting more optimistic.”

“This is exactly what I wanted to see. Something new, something experimental, a different take than the same old formula they’ve stuck to for the past years,” another fan said. “Looks very promising from what I can see so far!”

Sonic Frontiers doesn’t have a release date yet, and fans can’t wait to see more of Sega’s next-gen take on the gaming icon.

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