Sonic Frontiers director promises “serious” and “dramatic” storytelling

sonic frontiers eggman ship header imageSEGA

Sonic Frontiers’ director revealed the game will have a more “serious” and “dramatic” story than other games in the franchise, but hopefully not like Sonic ’06.

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has never excelled at serious storytelling, with many of the Blue Blur’s more successful outings consisting of lighthearted fun rather than somber dramas.

However, it seems Sonic Team is once again trying its hand at dramatic storytelling, following the infamous narrative Sonic ’06 presented.

According to a recent interview with Sonic Frontiers‘ director, Sonic Team is once again striving for a story that can be enjoyed “at a deeper level.”

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Sonic Frontiers promises more serious storytelling

sonic the hedgehog stands on cliff in sonic frontiers trailerNot much is known about Sonic Frontiers’ story, but it appears the development team is looking to take a more serious approach this time around.

The confirmation comes by way of the publication GameInformer which put out an interview with Sonic Frontiers’ director Morio Kishimoto and writer Ian Flynn.

Kishimoto said that Sonic Frontiers’ story will have a more serious tone, saying the team “needed something dramatic” to set the stage and “foreshadow things to ponder” while playing.

While this may bring up memories of Sonic ’06, Sonic Team seems aware of the poor reception to that game’s narrative, even confirming Sonic won’t share another human kiss, according to an interview from Axios relayed by IGN.

Sonic 06 sonic holding eliseSEGA
Longtime Sonic fans will likely remember the notorious relationship between Sonic 06’s Princess Elise and Sonic.

As for the story itself, apparently, Sonic, Tails, and Amy will arrive on a mysterious island after following readings from the Chaos Emeralds.

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Shortly afterward “Eggman arrives on the island just before [Sonic, Tails, and Amy], but goes missing…” setting up the central mystery of the game’s story.

“On the surface, our story is something that can be easily enjoyed, but we also wanted to challenge ourselves to create a drama that would also be enjoyable if thought about at a deeper level.”

Flynn ends the interview by saying fans should expect a “more somber story overall” and that he hopes everyone looks forward to what the team has in store in Sonic Frontiers.