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Sonic devs shut down Sonic Adventure 3 rumors

Published: 16/Jun/2022 16:49

by Lawrence Scotti


Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka shot down rumors of a potential Sonic Adventure 3 coming down the line, a game fans have waited over 20 years for.

Sonic Adventure was originally released for the Dreamcast way back in 1998 as the first ever 3D Sonic game and was an instant classic. The game’s sequel, Sonic Adventure 2, came out in 2001 and was equally revered by hardcore Sonic fans.

Although the games are still massively popular, a third game in the Adventure series never came to fruition. Even though rumors have swirled over the years of a trilogy in the works, the head of the Sonic Team is now shooting down those murmurings entirely.


sonic adventure blue purple
Sonic Adventure 3 isn’t part of future plans just yet.

Sonic Team boss shoots down Sonic Adventure 3 rumor

Iizuka said on June 10 that he would “like to continue the Sonic Adventure series” in an interview that focused on the upcoming game Sonic Frontiers.

After his comments, fans became clamoring for a potential revival of the franchise that has become beloved over the years. Sadly, just days later, Iizuka clarified that his comments didn’t necessarily mean that the Adventure series would be making a comeback.

The Sonic boss said, “I’m not saying, ‘we’re definitely making Sonic Adventure 3,’ although people may want to believe that.” He also added, “As somebody who made Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, it is on my mind as some idea that I could potentially think about in the future.”


sonic the hedgehog stands on cliff in sonic frontiers trailer Sonic Frontiers in Sonic’s next big open world title.

While Sonic Adventure 3 might not be part of the official plans just yet, it is clear that Takashi Iizuka would still like to explore the possibility down the line once Frontiers is a completed project.

For many Sonic fans, a return to the Adventure series is exactly what they want, and hopefully, Iizuka can make that dream a reality someday.