SomeOrdinaryGamers calls out Sony for “censoring” Martha is Dead on PS5

. 5 months ago
SomeOrdinaryGamers / Wired Productions

The upcoming psychological horror game Martha is Dead will be controversially toned down on PlayStation consoles. Popular YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers has hit out at Sony, accusing them of “censoring” the title.

The debate surrounding gore and violence in video games is as old as time, with titles like Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in the medium.

In recent years, the talk has cooled, and developers have largely been able to cram games with stories and gameplay aimed at adult audiences, so long as the age certification adds up.

However, the upcoming first-person horror title Matha is Dead will be released in a modified state on PlayStation 4 and 5, after Sony appeared to take issue with some of the content featured in LKA’s game.

Martha is Dead woman in lake
Wired Productions
Martha is Dead has always been marketed as an adult horror game.

Publisher Wired Productions announced in a statement that the PlayStation versions of Martha is Dead have been tweaked at Sony’s request. They noted that “some elements will no longer be playable,” suggesting that certain mechanics or gameplay sections will be gated off on these platforms.

While the digital release is unaffected by these changes, the physical version of Martha is Dead has been delayed to an unannounced date. However, Xbox and PC players will receive the build of the game that developers LKA originally intended.

The news has sparked plenty of debate within the gaming community, with many questioning Sony’s decision to ask LKA to change their game before it can be released on the PS Store. Reacting to the statement on Twitter, YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers slammed the company, citing this as one of the reasons that video games are not given the same plaudits as movies.

“F**k Sony for censoring Martha is Dead,” the content creator said in his tweet. “I thought we were past video game gore being a big deal with Manhunt.”

“If you want games to be taken seriously in the same vein as movies you gotta accept mature games actually being mature.”

Finally, he pointed out one of Sony’s own games, The Last of Us Part 2, featured plenty of graphic violence and adult themes.

Wired Productions and LKA are clearly unhappy at having to remove content after four years of work on Martha is Dead. Both will have their fingers crossed that it won’t affect the sales or reception of the game when it releases digitally on February 24, 2022.

Either way, this story has definitely reignited the debate surrounding violence in video games. Let’s hope that we don’t see a trend of certain platforms forcing developers to alter their version for a game to earn a place on their storefronts.

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