Splitgate devs switch focus to next game: New portal FPS in Unreal Engine 5

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1047 Games announced a new free-to-play game set in the Splitgate universe, using Unreal Engine 5.

Splitgate is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter that entered early access in 2019. The fast-paced shooter combines elements from Halo and Portal, allowing players to create portals around the map.

In September 2021, we reviewed Spligate early access, giving it a nine out of ten. We claimed, “Splitgate is a breath of fresh air in a modern gaming scene that had all but forgotten the iconic arena shooters of the past 20 years.”

The game was an instant hit reaching 600,000 downloads in its first month. According to SteamCharts, Splitgate’s all-time peak player count reached 67,724. The game has steadily declined in popularity and only averaged just over 1,000 players in August 2022.

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1047 Games promised “revolutionary, not evolutionary changes,” coming to the studio’s next venture.

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Splitgate developed a small but passionate E-Sports scene.

Spitgate developers announce new portal shooter

1047 Games released a press release announcing its plans for the future. There will still be minor updates for Splitgate, but the developers are shifting their focus to developing their next project.

The indie studio stated, “Splitgate achieved a level of success that we could not have anticipated and that few indie games are fortunate to reach.”

Halo and other major FPS titles struggling in 2021 opened the door for Splitgate’s emergence.

1047 said, “That initial success brought an opportunity to turn what started as a college dorm dream project into a AAA game that could stand toe-to-toe with shooters from the biggest publishers in the industry.”

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Splitgate will remain online, along with all earned items and progression. The portal shooter is also receiving a free Battle Pass on September 15.