Silent Hill Townfall: Trailer, rumors, & everything we know so far

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Silent Hill: Townfall is a new game in the Silent Hill series. Here’s everything we know about this mysterious title, and what it could turn out to be.

Silent Hill: Townfall is the most mysterious announcement from the Silent Hill Transmission event as the developers didn’t tell us much about it. The trailer suggested that the game will be set in the US, unlike the also announced Silent Hill p, meaning that the game could be set in the original town of Silent Hill or at least near it.

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The game will be developed by NoCode Studios and published by Annapurna Interactive and this is perhaps our biggest clue as to what Silent Hill: Townfall will end up looking like. Here’s everything we know.


silent hill townfall trailer tvKonami
Several disturbing images pop up on the small TV in the trailer.

Does Silent Hill: Townfall have a release date?

Not yet, no release date for Silent Hill: Townfall has been revealed by the developers.

However, the game is likely to release after other Silent Hill projects like the Silent Hill 2 remake, but we could potentially see the game release before Silent Hill p, the next major entry in the franchise.

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Of course, the above is speculation based on what we gleaned from the Silent Hill Transmission event.

What platforms will Silent Hill: Townfall be on?

We don’t yet know which platforms Silent Hill: Townfall will release on.

The Silent Hill 2 remake will be a PlayStation exclusive for a year as well as coming to PC, so the game could do something similar. However, platforms like Xbox Series X|S remain a possibility.

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Check out the game’s reveal trailer below:

Gameplay and setting

The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but developer No Code is famous for their text and puzzle-based horror games. Therefore, it’s reasonable to speculate that Townfall could be a similar type of experience.

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It could even blend narrative horror gameplay with puzzle elements, or it could be closer to the typical Silent Hill game and simply incorporate these elements.

The story details are unknown, but it seems to involve a character coming to an isolated community for some dark purpose, with another character understanding this and wanting them to keep their distance.

The trailer shows a handheld TV with various flashing images, some of which look eerily reminiscent of the Silent Hill streets, suggesting we may get to return to the iconic haunted town in this game.

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So, that’s everything we know so far about Silent Hill: Townfall. For more on the biggest upcoming releases, check out our pages on some of the most-anticipated games that have been announced:

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