Silent Hill f: Trailer, setting, & everything we know so far

Silent Hill fKonami

The next main entry in the Silent Hill series is coming, but the reveal of Silent Hill f gave us more questions than answers. Here’s everything we know so far.

Silent Hill f was the final, and arguably biggest, announcement of the Silent Hill transmission. The game is intended to be the next mainline entry of the franchise, taking the place of the canceled Silent Hills and P.T. However, Silent Hill f looks very different from what has come before. The title is being developed by the studio NeoBards, with creative contributions from writer Ryukishi07.

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For the first time in the series, the next entry won’t be set in the titular town of Silent Hill. Instead, the action appears to be a prequel and takes place in a Japanese town – one which is being taken over by some kind of red flowering blight that follows a schoolgirl as she attempts to escape it in the trailer.

This then cuts to the girl being covered in the substance before she horribly mutates into a flowering monster as the scene fades to black. Here’s everything we know about Silent Hill f.

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Silent Hill f girlKonami
Silent Hill f looks like a very different title from the ones that have come before.

Does Silent Hill f have a release date?

Not yet. So far, no Silent Hill f release date or release window has been provided by the developers. We’ll add it here as soon as one is confirmed.

What platforms will Silent Hill f be on?

It’s too early to know what platforms Silent Hill f will be released on. The remake of Silent Hill 2, also announced during the Transmission, will release as a PlayStation exclusive. So, something similar could apply to Silent Hill f.

However, if the game turns out to be a multiplatform release, then it could be coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Check out the creepy announcement trailer for Silent Hill f below:

Title meaning

The F in the title resembles the musical sign of forte in the trailer. In music, this symbol means loud or strong in music, therefore Silent Hill f could represent this in some capacity.

Exactly what the implications of Forte could mean for the plot or gameplay though remains to be seen. If anything at all, but it could be interpreted as some kind of warning.

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Gameplay and setting

The story of the game will be set in Japan during the Shōwa period which existed from 1926 to 1989. This means that the game is a prequel to the original Silent Hill being set many years before it. The game will not be set in the titular town, but will likely have a connection to it by the end.

The game could even serve as an explanation as to why the town of Silent Hill becomes such a hellish nightmare, with some unknown horror traveling there from Japan. There’s every possibility that the town in this game is a separate Silent Hill, however, we imagine there will be some kind of connection to the town in Maine we’ve visited in all the other games.

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At one point in the trailer, the girl is dragging a metal pipe along the floor in a similar fashion to how the iconic Pyramid Head (or Red Pyramid Thing) menacingly drags his various weapons in multiple Silent Hill entries. This implies a connection between Silent Hill f and the previous games.

Silent Hill f protagonist dragging pipeKonami
The girl drags a pipe which is designed to remind us of the Silent Hill monster Pyramid Head.

Quite what the red flowering blight infecting the town in the trailer is remains a mystery, but it clearly represents some form of corruption as well as beauty. As ever with Silent Hill, this beautiful corruption is likely to be literal and metaphoric.

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So, that’s everything we know so far about Silent Hill f. For more on the biggest upcoming releases, check out our pages on some of the most-anticipated games that have been announced:

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