Silent Hill Ascension: Release window, platforms, trailers, more

Silent Hill AscensionKonami

Silent Hill Ascension is a hybrid experience in the Silent Hill series as Konami looks to resurrect one of the most significant horror names in gaming for another round of psychological terror.

Silent Hill Ascension was announced during the Silent Hill Transmission event. Unlike the also announced Silent Hill f, the supposed remake of Silent Hill 2, and the equally mysterious Silent Hill: Townfall, Ascension will be a unique mix of a streaming show and video game where you can influence the outcome of the characters, worlds, and stories you witness.

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The experience will be a joint production overseen by Bad Robot Games, Behavior Interactive, Genvid Technologies, and DJ2 Entertainment with each developer contributing their own stylings.

Silent Hill Ascension will be an online experience where a collective of players/viewers interact with the story to shape it. Exactly how it will work is still under wraps, but we do have some clues thanks to trailers.


Silent Hill Ascension monsterKonami
A creepy figure haunts the tower in Silent Hill Ascension

Silent Hill Ascension: Release window

Konami’s Silent Hill Ascension looks to be penciled in for some time in 2023 – according to the game’s Official Trailer.

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The footage concludes by indicating that the title will be “Live 2023.” As the weeks and months go on, we expect more details to drop and clarify this further.

Do we know what platforms Silent Hill Ascension will be on?

We don’t yet know which platforms Ascension will release on. Due to the nature of the game though, it may not receive a traditional console or PC release. Instead, it may turn out to be an online experience that can be played across various platforms.

This is all speculation until we learn more of course.

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Check out the game’s initial reveal trailer that whets the appetite of thirsty fans.

After a long time without anything fresh information, Silent Hill Ascension’s Official Trailer pulled back the curtain on Konami’s horror project a bit more.

Gameplay and setting

The trailer shows a tall tower guarded by an armored demonic figure as several players frantically work together (online) to save a member of their team. It appears as though players will need to climb the tower, hence the title, dodging monstrous entities as they work together to complete various goals.

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While we know the title will be an interactive multiplayer experience, just how similar it is to other series entries is unknown. The gameplay, if we can even call it that, could resemble The Quarry and other narrative horror adventures, or it could be something new entirely.

So, that’s everything we know so far about Silent Hill Ascension. For more on the biggest upcoming releases, check out our pages on some of the most-anticipated games that have been announced:

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